Monday May 31, 2021

This cute kitty loves being wild in leopard outside in nature.  Join Puss in her natural state of nudity. 

Featuring: Puss
Thursday September 10, 2020

Go take a dip in the pool with Puss, its even better when she sun bathes nude.  You will love this set, so lets get wet together. 

Featuring: Puss
Monday April 20, 2020

Gal, Puss and I went to the woods to make these super naked nature photos.  This set has them together and solo.  Being naked in the woods makes them look like magical fairies. 

Featuring: Gal, Puss
Friday December 13, 2019

Its cold outside, so what better way to stay warm is to be naked in fur!!! And Puss and Gigi keep each other very warm in this sexy and super fun set. 

Featuring: Gigi, Puss
Thursday April 12, 2018

Have you seen my Patreon?  Its the only place to see all my film and polaroids are there, like this amazing set of Gigi and Puss. I'm also selling some of these one of a kind polaroids on my Etsy, ShopEllenStagg while they last as they are all one of a kind.  So get them when you can!!

Featuring: Gigi, Puss
Friday June 30, 2017

This might have been the most fun a person could have on a shoot.  Gigi and Puss are having way too much fun in front of my camera.  I dare you not to smile while checking out this set. They start out wearing stars and stripes for the 4th and heart shape sunglasses and huge smiles, and end naked and laughing.  Plus their butts are perfect.  YAY. 

Featuring: Gigi, Puss
Friday May 26, 2017

Here is part two from the set with Gal by this cabin in the woods.  Puss all by her self looking timeless. She looks like a sexy playboy model from the 60's in this set.  Outside, soft warm sunlight and all very naked. 

Featuring: Puss
Tuesday February 21, 2017

When I asked these two beauties to shoot with me we had all these 70's inspiration photos to jump off from.  So of course we had to do a sexy fur coat shot.  Gigi and Puss killed it, so sexy and classic.  Going to post more soon.  

Featuring: Gigi, Puss
Thursday February 16, 2017

I have been friends with Gigi for years now and not until she and Puss posted something on IG did I think to shoot with her let alone with them together. And the magic we made!!!! These ladies look so classic, like right out of an album cover from the 70's.  And did we laugh and have a blast this shoot day.  Time went by way to fast and I was mad when I had to leave.  More coming.  

Featuring: Gigi, Puss
Thursday October 13, 2016

This almost looks like an album cover with Puss, besides the fact that she is naked.  

Featuring: Puss
Thursday October 6, 2016

Bringing two beautiful woman into the woods and letting them be naked and free is the best way to work.  With Gal and Puss.  

Featuring: Puss, Gal
Tuesday October 4, 2016

You know how much I love shooting naked ladies outside? Puss looks like she is having so much fun in a tree naked and beautiful.  

Featuring: Puss
Tuesday September 27, 2016

The first time I saw Puss was on instagram from a friend reposting her pics.  I thought she was so classic looking, I was intrigued.  I got her email and asked to shoot, and she was down.  We traveled to this secret location in NJ got some many amazing shots outside.  Here is just the beginning.  

Featuring: Puss