Friday September 20, 2019

Lets get in a time machine and hang out with five sexy very naked models, Gal, Nasty, Ivory, Mala and Evelyn in a conversion van, 70's style.  Were else ca you get 5 models for the price of one? 

Featuring: Nasty, Mala, Ivory, Gal, Evelyn
Monday January 12, 2015

Happy New year and hi everyone.  I had a crazy last year trying to catch up with stuff and left Stagg Street on the very back burner.  I'm making a new years resolution to work more on this site as I love it, even though it really is a labor of love.  

Here is my first set of 2015 of Mala as a sexy Mad Max.  Check it out and I promise to post more as I have lots of lovely sets to still retouch.  

Featuring: Mala
Tuesday December 17, 2013

Mala emailed me that she wanted to be photograph in her man's intense shoulder guards looking a bit like a character from Mad Max.  Here is a teaser of this kick ass shoot.  

Featuring: Mala
Monday January 21, 2013

I got to shoot 5 extremely sexy ladies in the back of this conversion van.  Nasty Canasta, Evelyn Vinyl, Gal Friday, Mala Morrigan and Poison Ivory are super naked and beyond sexy in this brightly lit bed in the back of the van.  Its look like you\'re going back in time to the 70's with this set.  You probably have seen the first half of this set on Friday, look at the second half which is just as good if not better. 

Featuring: Evelyn, Gal, Ivory, Mala, Nasty
Friday January 18, 2013

If you're in the NYC area you must come to the the Wasabassco 70's themed van show this Sunday, Jan 20th at 8pm.  And to wet your whistle here is a bunch of the ladies performing on Sunday in the Buff: Nasty Canasta, Evelyn Vinyl, Gal Friday, Poison Ivory and Mala Morrigan.  5 naked women in one full set.  And after the show on Monday I\'m going to post the 2nd half of this set. Conversion van sexy time!!!

Featuring: Evelyn, Gal, Ivory, Mala, Nasty
Thursday December 20, 2012

Yes I got to shoot five beautiful ladies naked all at once, Evelyn Vinyl, Gal Friday, Nasty Canasta and new to the site Mala Morrigan and Poison Ivory. This extremely sexy pile was brought to me by Wasabassco Burlesque for a 70's themed van show on Jan 20th.  So this is a tease and taste of how sexy this show is going to be, mark your calendars.  

Featuring: Evelyn, Gal, Ivory, Mala, Nasty