Monday September 30, 2019

Taking Darlinda into the forest was pure magic, and I brought flowers and mirrors to make it even more surreal.  And Darlinda is pure magic too, see this full set.

Featuring: Darlinda
Friday September 27, 2019

When you cut up any shirt sometimes things slip out.  And Ashlee has all the wardrobe malfunctions.  See this full set now.

Featuring: Ashley
Wednesday September 25, 2019

I loved working with Charlotte and Marlo together.  They never even met until this shoot and they became great friends after.  They are so sexy and playful together, which you will see in this behind the scenes video.

Featuring: Charlotte, Marlo
Monday September 23, 2019

I love working with Crash, she is all about new fun poses and being super sexy in a simple location. You will love this set.

Featuring: Crash
Friday September 20, 2019

Lets get in a time machine and hang out with five sexy very naked models, Gal, Nasty, Ivory, Mala and Evelyn in a conversion van, 70's style.  Were else ca you get 5 models for the price of one? 

Featuring: Nasty, Mala, Ivory, Gal, Evelyn
Wednesday September 18, 2019

This is a hot behind the scenes video of me shooting with Kendra outside in Brooklyn, watch it now.

Featuring: Kendra
Monday September 16, 2019

I love shooting outside, but I'm scared these days with ticks and getting more lyme.  Thankfully the parks in NYC have very little ticks and I cover my self in bug spray.  I love nature and love shooting beautiful models like Penny loving on nature too. This set is sexy, cute and fun of Penny being adventurous in Nature. 

Featuring: Penny
Friday September 13, 2019

The blinds shine in on Justene as she takes off this bright yellow t shirt and get naked to roll around on this leather couch. I loved working with Justene, she is pure magic.  You will love this set too.

Featuring: Justene
Wednesday September 11, 2019

Adrian and Calamity wanted to shoot together and I was totally down.  It was the only set we shot together and its naked and super fun, which you can see in this behind the scenes video.  Watch it now.

Featuring: Adrian, Calamity
Monday September 9, 2019

You have to love a nude model who is having way too much fun shooting.  Zoli is sexy and having a blast being in front of my camera. Even when she is being serious, she is still having fun.

Featuring: Zoli
Friday September 6, 2019

I shot with Em only once but got such beautiful sets with her.  This one seems so royal and very naked.  You have to love a sexy model with stockings on and not much more.  Look at all these beautiful images of Em now.

Featuring: Em
Wednesday September 4, 2019

I love shooting naked ladies in hammocks, its so classic and Shay looks so good playing with this hammock.  Watch this full BTS video now. 

Featuring: Shay
Monday September 2, 2019

Justine wanted to shoot with Evelyn so of course we made it happen.  And who wouldn't want to shoot with Evelyn and Justine, in sexy stocking making out all over this green couch. 

Featuring: Evelyn, Justine