Friday September 30, 2011

What a very cute set of Adrain, and first full set.  She is all around this rocking chair getting naked and you will love it.  Check it all out.  

Thursday September 29, 2011

Brand new super sexy pics of Justine.  I always love to shoot with her, and this pic shows that.  Much more to come.  

Featuring: Justine
Wednesday September 28, 2011

Here is a great behind the scenes video of Kendra.  We are shooting out side on a balcony in Brooklyn with everyone able to watch.  Fun times, watch.  

Featuring: Kendra
Tuesday September 27, 2011

Jessie was in town last week and we got to shoot for the first time in over a year.  I was so great to hang and take pics of her.  We realized we always shoot around her birthday, so todays post is a Happy Birthday to the very cute and sexy Jessie.  

Featuring: Jessie Lee
Monday September 26, 2011

This set is the cutest!! Masuimi and Zoli are dressed the same, just ones wearing green and the other red.  Plus, they are so close to making out.  

Featuring: Zoli, Masuimi
Friday September 23, 2011

If you like a tattooed girl with great boobs, feet and a viking helmut, you will love this set of Jessie Lee.  Check out the whole sexy set, you will be very happy.  

Featuring: Jessie Lee
Thursday September 22, 2011

This shot is from the very first set I ever did with Joanna you can see HERE.  Joanna is so much fun to work with and I have some pics of her that I love so much.  Check out all her set son here, you will love them all.  

Featuring: Joanna
Wednesday September 21, 2011

I got to shoot the beautiful Apathy in a metal shop.  Talk about a soft naked woman in a dirty surroundings.  Watch the whole video, so fun.  

Featuring: Apathy
Tuesday September 20, 2011

Did you know Marlo plays with Fire?  Well she blows it, eats it and poses with it.  How hot is that?  I mean really sexy and smoking fire hot.  

Featuring: Marlo
Monday September 19, 2011

Madison looks like she could be one of these mannequins, but her ass is what is the major tell.  I guess also the tattoos and beautiful face and amazing red hair.  Check out the whole set.  

Featuring: Madison
Friday September 16, 2011

My very first set of Courtney Crave in front of this window.  She looks so hot in her braless bra and a vintage photo of a sailor in the background.  Hello Sailor!

Featuring: Courtney C
Thursday September 15, 2011

Here is the first set I ever shot of Darenzia, maybe 3 or more years ago.  Have you even seen it recently, or ever?  Check it out again, HERE its such a good one of Darenzia getting naked for my camera for the first time.  

Featuring: Darenzia
Wednesday September 14, 2011

Watch this amazing behind the scenes video with Mandy.  I know how much you love watching her, so watch her right now.  

Featuring: Mandy
Tuesday September 13, 2011

I got to shoot Melina last week 2 days before she went to get her boobs done.  Here is one of the very last pics of her natural boobs. But we are excited for Melina to make the changes she choose to, so next we will shoot her with her new boobs.  

Featuring: Melina
Monday September 12, 2011

Nasty is one of New York's best burlesques performs and I was lucky enough to get her naked in front of my camera.  She usually wears costumes when she preforms and such elaborate costumes you might not get to see the real Nasty with all her make up and stuff.  But now with this full set you really get to see the very beautiful girl, with red lips, heels and on this red couch.  Check out the whole set, hot stuff.  

Featuring: Nasty
Friday September 9, 2011

This has been a great themed week of redheads, and now I'm finishing with the very lovely big breasted Ashley.  This is the first set of her on the site, which is so sexy and fun.  You're really going to enjoy the whole thing, check it out.  

Featuring: Ashley
Thursday September 8, 2011

What a great red head for throwback Thursday, Lexie.  Here is my very first set of her on an old truck with peach lingerie.  Check it out again Here.  

Featuring: Lexie
Wednesday September 7, 2011

The very lovely Misti jumps around and plays with her cat in this behind the scenes video. She is so sexy and cute at the same time.    Watch it.  

Featuring: Misti
Tuesday September 6, 2011

Hollis is quickly becoming one of my fav models, as you can tell.  She can do poses that are effortless to her and amazing to others.  More to come.  

Featuring: Hollis
Monday September 5, 2011

Justine used o have very short hair, so in this set I asked her to wear a wig.  The red lipstick, red wig, red couch with blue pumps makes this sets amazing.  She shows off her crotchless panties that button free.  Check it all out.  

Featuring: Justine
Friday September 2, 2011

I shot this set of Darenzia that we tried shopping to Penthouse, but they didn't take it.  I have no idea why they didn't except it cause it is so hot and amazing.  Darenzia is such a great model and this set really shows that off.  Check it out, you will not be disappointed.  

Featuring: Darenzia
Thursday September 1, 2011

I heart Charlotte.  She has to be one of the best blondes I have ever met.  She is so wickedly funny, sweet and dirty, like a good blonde should be.  Here is one of my first sets I shot of her.  Check it out again HERE.    

Featuring: Charlotte