Friday August 30, 2019

I only got to shoot with Dylan twice and they were both amazing times. This was in a hotel in SF and Dylan was just pure magic.

Featuring: Dylan
Wednesday August 28, 2019

Watch this behind the scenes video of Audrey from this stockings, latex corset and lace set.  Sexy and beautiful. 

Featuring: Audrey
Monday August 26, 2019

Ariel is so adventurous in this sexy bathroom with bench, pole and mirrors. And this American Apparel suit is barely there.  One very sexy set. 

Featuring: Ariel
Friday August 23, 2019

A brand new model, Michelle is amazing.  A mutual friend introduced us and it was so much fun shooting this beauty.  

Featuring: Michelle
Wednesday August 21, 2019

This video is so close to behind the scenes you can almost see right through my camera.  Betty and Haley have amazing chemistry together.  Who doesn't love ladies making out in the back of parked car? 

Featuring: Betty, Haley
Monday August 19, 2019

I love working with the magical Yesenia and in this pretty pink bathroom. This set is so pretty in so many ways. 

Featuring: Yesenia
Friday August 16, 2019

I want to work with Jessa again, she is amazing.  And I love this sandy set with my rainbow filter.  You will too.

Featuring: Jessa
Wednesday August 14, 2019

Shooting in Hawaii was the best and working with Heather and Aria there was pure magic.  Watch this behind the scenes video from this amazing shoot. 

Featuring: Aria, Heather V
Monday August 12, 2019

Jelena was so much fun to work with, we shot this set in LA in a fancy hotel.  She doesn't need anything else but this sexy black slip and she gets rid of that quickly. 

Featuring: Jelena
Friday August 9, 2019

I love working with Jessie, and we shot this super hot set the last time I saw her.  She loves these pics so much that she has used them in a bunch of press, and now you all get to see this full set here.

Featuring: Jessie Lee
Wednesday August 7, 2019

Wow this is so hot you won't know what you just watched.  Kayla and Kortney have the best chemistry together, dressed up like cowgirls making out all over this hay. 

Featuring: Kayla, Kortney
Monday August 5, 2019

This is one of the first sets I shot with Justine, when I was still shooting film with my Hasselblad.  Its sexy and romantic with a little sluttyness.  The sun shines in this apt in NYC. 

Featuring: Justine
Friday August 2, 2019

 This is one hot set, Madison and Ryan have a amazing chemistry together.  And you might see a special guest.  They start out in beautiful sun dresses and end up very naked. 

Featuring: Madison, Ryan