Thursday August 31, 2017

New model Abigial emailed me that she wanted to shoot with me.  We went to the woods and made magic.  More to come.

Featuring: Abigial
Wednesday August 30, 2017

You like watching two women making out you will love this behind the scenes video of Kayla and Mia. 

Featuring: Kayla, Mia
Tuesday August 29, 2017

I know, she isn't really climbing as much as walking up a fallen down tree, but Bette's butt is pretty perfect, so what else do you need? 

Featuring: Bette
Monday August 28, 2017

I only shot these two beautiful ladies together once, and it is so good.  They get down with each other, and Cadence and Misti seem to have a good old sexy time together. 

Featuring: Cadence, Misti
Friday August 25, 2017

Heather is one hot babe and I got the pleasure of shooting with her a couple times.  This set is so fun, she uses a tea cup and is naked the whole time with these fancy french doors. 

Featuring: Heather V
Thursday August 24, 2017

I had the best time shooting with Sweat Pea. And taking sexy ladies outside to shoot is always the best.  Enjoy this teaser image, More to come. 

Featuring: SweetPea
Wednesday August 23, 2017

Shooting in an empty pool is a great location.  I love all the images of Lily I got in this pool.  The behind the scenes video is fun too.  Watch it.

Featuring: Lily
Tuesday August 22, 2017

Sapphire and I have been talking about doing a glitter shoot for almost a year.  We finally did it and it was at the beach and it was amazing.  She is covered in glitter, not body paint.  It took 2 hours to put on her and we did a fun slow mo butt slap.  More to come. 

Featuring: Sapphire
Monday August 21, 2017

I only got to work with Adriana twice, and I loved every minute.  She is sexy, strong and timeless.  These photos look like t was from decades ago, and I love them.  Adriana is incredible. 

Featuring: Adriana
Friday August 18, 2017

Getting to shoot with fun props is always fun.  A huge cage and leather mask is amazing.  Crash owned these things and wanted to shoot with them.  I was so excited.  This set is so fun and sexy. 

Featuring: Crash
Thursday August 17, 2017

Hats and robes on the beach like a couple fancy sexy ladies, Luxe and Mystere couldn't look any more amazing.  More to come. 

Featuring: Luxe, Mystere
Wednesday August 16, 2017

I just looked up and realized I never posted these behind the scenes video of Kacie.  This was such a fun shoot in this sleeper van.  Watch this video. 

Featuring: Kacie
Tuesday August 15, 2017

Tina and I walked around Red Hook to find fun places to shoot her topless. She was wearing silver and thought my rainbow filter would be a sexy addition.  She looks so magical and other worldly.  More to come.

Featuring: Tina
Monday August 14, 2017

I only got to work with Steam two times and they were both a blast. We shot a bunch of sets, and this was the very first one.  I don't think she models any more, but she was really amazing.  Check out the full set. 

Featuring: Steam
Friday August 11, 2017

When I get private properties to shoot at that have all this amazing land around them I could never be any happier.  All the shots I did of these beautiful ladies by this lake was incredible.  Marlo and Justine look amazing together.  You will love this set. Enjoy. 

Featuring: Justine, Marlo
Thursday August 10, 2017

Bette and I shot back in the winter, and when she told me she was visiting in the summer I was super excited to bring her outside.  We shot a bunch of film too, which I'm posting on Patreon soon.  I love all the se new pics, can't wait to retouch them all and share with you.  Coming soon. 

Featuring: Bette
Wednesday August 9, 2017

Ellem brought these assless stockings to our shoot and it was so much fun to work with both her and these cool stockings.  Watch this behind the scenes video from this awesome shoot. 

Featuring: Ellem
Tuesday August 8, 2017

I recently went to the Burlesque Hall of Fame Awards and saw Sweet Pea perform for the first time.  But she is so damn good I was positive I have seen her before.  Right after she told me she would be in NYC and wanted to shoot.  I was super excited. While we shot we both felt like we met before, but didn't.  She is amazing and we had the best time together.  More to come.

Featuring: SweetPea
Monday August 7, 2017

I'm always so surprised on the amazing woman I have worked with.  Masuimi and Skin are some of those people, and this set shot outside with these amazing purple stockings.  Skin is even wearing point shoes, which is so sexy.  This set is hot, hot, hot!!

Featuring: Masuimi, Skin
Friday August 4, 2017

  I have always had a blast shooting with Kendra.  We have worked some many times together I lost count. I even have photos of her in my book, Dirty Girl Collection. I almost forgot about this set, and just realized that I need to retouch and post it.  I hope you all enjoy it, better late then never.

Featuring: Kendra
Thursday August 3, 2017

What else do you need but two beautiful woman topless on the beach?  More to come soon with Mystere and Luxe.

Featuring: Luxe, Mystere
Wednesday August 2, 2017

I posted this set of of Charlotte on my Patreon, now here is the BTS video.  She looks so amazing in this set and video.  You should see them both!!

Featuring: Charlotte
Tuesday August 1, 2017

When shooting outside we find sometimes the craziest props, this big blue rope was one of those.  It ended up looking so amazing with Tina, and her beautiful butt.  More to come.

Featuring: Tina