Tuesday August 31, 2010

Three hot naked ladies on a pier on a lake up state.  How hot is Darenzia, Marlo and Justine?  Good times

Featuring: Marlo, Justine, Darenzia
Monday August 30, 2010

I have so many sets that I shot so long ago, so i'm pulling from my vault to share them all with you.  And this awesome set of Jessie Lee was worth the wait. She looks super sexy.  Check it out. 

Featuring: Jessie Lee
Friday August 27, 2010

Courtney is such a timeless beauty.  I love shooting with her cause she looks straight out of classic movie in every shot I take of her.  Check out the whole set.  

Featuring: Courtney
Thursday August 26, 2010

I loved shooting Kendra and Nyssa together.  They look so sexy with each other, including when they take each others clothes off.  Sexy ladies.  

Featuring: Nyssa, Kendra
Wednesday August 25, 2010

Check out this very funny and sexy video of DIna Desade.  Why is it funny?  Well you'll have to just watch what I do to make her laugh.  

Featuring: Dina
Tuesday August 24, 2010

Did you know that Darenzia was such a tree hugger?  Well I do have the proof here.  But she can only hug trees with latex gloves on.  

Featuring: Darenzia
Monday August 23, 2010

You have to love a naked girl in the kitchen.  Shay is sitting on the counter taking her clothes off and giving you a show.  Must see set. 

Featuring: Shay
Friday August 20, 2010

Rips in stockings and red hair bows are always a good look.  Including on the beautiful Ariel.  I really love this set, check it out.  

Featuring: Ariel
Thursday August 19, 2010

Here is an other amazing image from my trip up state with Marlo and Justine.  How hot are they together on this lake all naked and beautiful? 

Featuring: Marlo, Justine
Wednesday August 18, 2010

You saw the first teaser image of Justine and Ryan making out.  Watch the video, really hot!

Featuring: Ryan, Justine
Tuesday August 17, 2010

Oh Ryan and Justine.  These two girls are way too much fun to shoot together.  This is just a tease to what is coming in their hot make out pics.  

Featuring: Ryan, Justine
Monday August 16, 2010

I shot this of Masuimi almost 2 years ago but it was so worth the wait.  Masuimi outside in blue lingerie then taking it off is way too sexy.  Check out the whole set.  

Featuring: Masuimi
Friday August 13, 2010

When I found out that Darenzia and Jade were good friends of course I wanted to shoot the two together.  And it is a very hot set.  They take each others lingerie off and roof around on this dirty roof in Brooklyn.  Check out the whole set.  

Featuring: Darenzia, Jade
Thursday August 12, 2010

Kendra is a new girl to the site and Nyssa is also always hot to see.  You have to love when one girl takes the others clothes off.  Super hot.  

Featuring: Nyssa, Kendra
Wednesday August 11, 2010

Darenzia and I were in LA together in February and we got to shoot at her friends place that had the weirdest house.  Like the inside of a boat on the side of a hill.  I loved it.  Check it out in this video. 

Featuring: Darenzia
Tuesday August 10, 2010

When I saw this strange shingled wall at my friends apt of course I had to shoot in front of it.  Plus, Stephy's tan skin matches so well with the tan wood, its all so sexy: skin stockings and wood.  

Featuring: Stephy
Monday August 9, 2010

I love this set of Mosh.  It looks like stills from a movie, especially with her high waisted panties, argyle socks and little hat.  And I love shooting women indoors in with big windows that show you how any one can watch.  So sexy.  

Featuring: Mosh
Friday August 6, 2010

Here is the full set of Lexie in the Magicians study, taking her satin green lingerie off.  Its a sexy set of by the window getting naked.  Check it out. 

Featuring: Lexie
Thursday August 5, 2010

Ok be a little jealous.  I got to shoot Darenzia, Marlo and Justine together outside and very naked.  Wait to you see the rest of this set as they are all touching each other as the sun was setting.  Hot stuff!

Featuring: Marlo, Justine, Darenzia
Wednesday August 4, 2010

Aria came to visit in May and we shot some very sexy pictures.  You saw some of the teasers here, now watch the video.  

Featuring: Aria
Tuesday August 3, 2010

I really did bring back the sexiest content form the upstate trip.  I mean look at Marlo and Darenzia together.  They look like mermaids coming out of the water just to fondle each other.  Naked outside is the best. 

Featuring: Marlo, Darenzia
Monday August 2, 2010

Shooting with Joanna is always great. I love this set of her taking it off as she climbs up the stairs.  She looks so pretty.  Check out the rest of the set.  

Featuring: Joanna