Wednesday July 31, 2013

Watch this super sexy behind the scenes video of Betty on and in a Dodge Dart.  Classic car fun.  

Featuring: Betty
Tuesday July 30, 2013

I got to take some models up to visit Bella in North West Mass and Bella took us to this amazing waterfall.  Of course she was going to get naked in it.  This is such an epic pic of an amazing woman.  What else do you need, nudity in nature.  

Featuring: Bella
Monday July 29, 2013

Here is the full set of Justene with her big Teddy bear.  She stays naked through out the whole set and wiggles around on her bed.  Its one sexy set you will love.  

Featuring: Justene
Friday July 19, 2013

Shooting naked ladies by bodies of water make them look like sexy washed up mermaids.  This set is just like that, sexy Darenzia and Marlo touch each other all over naked by the water. So summery and sexy.  

Featuring: Darenzia, Marlo
Thursday July 18, 2013

Have you seen the 2 sets I have up of Alexis on the site?  You can see them HERE.  There are 2 more sets of her I'm putting up soon.  One with Justine Joli and one solo.  They are all great, but just wanted to remind you how hot the ones up are.  Check them out again.  

Featuring: Alexis
Wednesday July 17, 2013

Watch this behind the scenes video of Nicole when we shot in Philly in a kitchen.  I still have to retouch this set, but you can watch what we talk about first. 

Featuring: Nicole
Tuesday July 16, 2013

Have a bunch of fun sets of Stephy on the site, check them out again HERE!! There is a couple more I have to add.  They are all super sexy as Stephy is so curvy.  

Featuring: Stephy
Monday July 15, 2013

I really love this set of Jiz and Chocolate, such a sweet and sexy set.  Jiz introduced me to Chocolate and I had the best day shooting with these two.  This set is romantic and soft with 2 very strong models.  Beautiful.  

Featuring: Jiz, Chocolate
Friday July 12, 2013

I love shooting with Kayla and this time she brought her very sexy friend Kortney with her.  They took some damn sexy pics naked outside in the LA area. We had such a great day shooting.  Check out all this sexy pics. 

Featuring: Kortney, Kayla
Thursday July 11, 2013

Have you seen all the sexy sets I have of Skin on the site?  Well check them out again HERE.  I have a couple more that I will add soon and they are all super sexy and fun.  

Featuring: Skin
Wednesday July 10, 2013

You have seen this fun and sexy set of Gisella in this vintage looking apt.  Now watch the behind the scenes video from our shoot.

Featuring: Gisella
Tuesday July 9, 2013

I had so much fun shooting with Lexi last week.  Here is an other super sexy pic of her.  She was hot she killed my flash and the rest of the day I had to shoot her with available light.  Not too bad though!

Featuring: Lexi
Monday July 8, 2013

I got to shoot with jelena is this location in LA that looked like it should be in Europe at some old coliseum or other secret nook.  But no, its in LA on a friends property.   This set is romantic and dirty at the same time.  Check it out. 

Featuring: Jelena
Friday July 5, 2013

This a a great 2 part set of Kacie, first part on this blue couch with fancy fishnets and the second nude with a backdrop.  There is so much classic pin up poses and sexiness going on you will be so happy to view each and every photo.  

Featuring: Kacie
Thursday July 4, 2013

I got to shoot with Lexi yesterday and I had a so much fun. She was an amazing model being adventurous around this industrial backyard.  More to come!

Featuring: Lexi
Wednesday July 3, 2013

This is a super fun behind the scenes video of Shay and I shooting together.  Watch it!

Featuring: Shay
Tuesday July 2, 2013

I have shot with Justene three times and each time we had a blast.  She is not just beautiful but we can talk for ever and she is super sweet.  Check out all the sets I have shot with her HERE and much more to come.  

Featuring: Justene
Monday July 1, 2013

Here is the first full set of Kaylx, which is so soft and sexy. Back lit by the window makes her look so angelic.  Check all the pics out.  

Featuring: Kaylx