Friday June 28, 2013

Here is my first set with Kelly and it surreal and sexy.  It was a cold gloomy day and we shot in this dirt backyard in Brooklyn with a white picket fence.  I love this set and you will too.  Check it out.  

Featuring: Kelly
Thursday June 27, 2013

I got to shoot Kimberly once but it was a great day. I had so much fun with her and I love all my photos with her.  She is so beautiful and playful in every photo.  Check out all four sets of her HERE.  

Featuring: Kimberly
Wednesday June 26, 2013

I love shooting with Nicole, you have to watch this behind the scenes video with her and how we have tons of fun working together.  

Featuring: Nicole
Tuesday June 25, 2013

If you have looked at this site more then once you may have noticed I have shoot with Justine a few dozen times. She graces this site maybe more then any other model.  I have solo and Girl/Girl or even Girl/Girl/Girl content of her all over this site. There is so much to look at of Justine you might need a couple days to get thru it all.  And I love every photo I have ever taken of her.  There is more to come, but remind your self of all there is on HERE so far.  

Featuring: Justine
Monday June 24, 2013

I have been working on this very fun project with Wasabassco this summer that will come out in the Fall and it made me think about this sexy set of Nasty and Evelyn.  I won't tell you about our project just yet, but you can get excited thru these photos of these beautiful women who will be a part of it.  Stay tuned for all the sexy news.  

Featuring: Nasty, Evelyn
Friday June 21, 2013

This set is so much fun with Jezebel, she starts with a pok-a-dot bikini then ends up naked on this desk looking at all her bits in the mirror.  Its so naughty you will love every pic.  Including the ones where she has a huge smile on her face and you can tell she is having fun.  

Featuring: Jezebel
Thursday June 20, 2013

I love shooting with Nyssa.  We had to have shot about 5 times maybe more.  So you should check out all the sets I have done with her HERE.   They are all beautiful and fun.  

Featuring: Nyssa
Wednesday June 19, 2013

This is such a fun and sexy behind the scenes video of Charlotte and Marlo.  They loved shooting together, now watch the video that proves it. 

Featuring: Marlo, Charlotte
Tuesday June 18, 2013

I have some amazing sets of Tiffini on the site, have you seen all of them?  Well check them out HERE.  They are all great and super fun for the one time we shot together.  

Featuring: Tiffini
Monday June 17, 2013

Here is my last set from the day I shot with Veronica a couple years ago. She stays naked thru out this whole set on this window sill where any one could have looked it.  Every pic is sexy and fun.  

Featuring: Veronica
Friday June 14, 2013

Two red heads making out by a sunlight window is super hot, but the fact that these red heads are Justine and Ashley makes it even better.  This set is so super sexy you will love it.  These two beauties can't keep their hands off each other.  Check them all out. 

Featuring: Justine, Ashley
Thursday June 13, 2013

I only got to shoot 5 sets with Calamity but they are all amazing and you should check them out again. So much sexiest HERE.  

Featuring: Calamity
Wednesday June 12, 2013

This was such a huge boob fest with Jelena and Ashley.  Watch this sexy behind the scenes video.  

Featuring: Jelena, Ashley
Tuesday June 11, 2013

Have you check out all the amazing photos I have shot with Zoli?  I have been shooing with her for over 5 years and every pics is more sexy then the next.  Check it all out HERE.  

Featuring: Zoli
Monday June 10, 2013

Here is a very sexy and amazing set of Jenna and Masuimi together. They both had lime green lingerie to wear and they were all over each other.  Plus the mirror made them double, so you get 4 sexy ladies for the price of one.  

Featuring: Jenna, Masuimi