Monday May 31, 2010

I'm so happy that I know Marlo and she is one of my models.  Is has this sleepy bitchy look and in person she is a total sweet heart.  Her body is great and she knows how to move it in pictures.  This set is amazing as she get naked in this large window looking over Brooklyn and the East River, but keeps her stockings and red pumps on.  Maybe if you were lucky that day you could have looked up and sen her.  

Featuring: Marlo
Friday May 28, 2010

This was a great set to retouch as Rogizoid is such a hot little model.  Even though she is covered in tattoos and piercings with crazy blue and green dreads, there is something very royal and in control that she carries.  Makes you see thru all her decorations and see what a very sexy girl she is.  Check out the whole set.  

Featuring: Rogizoid
Thursday May 27, 2010

I had so much fun shooting with Drew when she was in town.  We had a very simple shoot at my apt, but as you can see the pics turned out great.  Many more to come

Featuring: Drew
Wednesday May 26, 2010

I love shooting with Steam, she is so sexy.  And you're going to love this video of her wearing lace on her eyes and lace body suit.  The lace on her eyes is made by no other then A-Morir, which she never takes off during the video.  Love watching Steam watching herself in her the mirror too.  Must see. 

Featuring: Steam
Tuesday May 25, 2010

Dina is looking good on this red leather couch and her crotch-less fishnets.  Need I say more?

Featuring: Dina
Monday May 24, 2010

I love this set of Misti in this vintage bathing suit.  It is so Pebbles Flinstone, but of course the very sexy version cause she takes it of to show you her birthday suit.  This was the very first time I shot Misti and I hope this is just the beginning of many more.  

Featuring: Misti
Friday May 21, 2010

I love shooting Justine and Jessie, but haven't been able to shoot them together until this shoot.  And of course they both attacked each other. This set is so sexy, as they are having real sex on his hotel bed.  You can tell they were really into one an other with the way they hold each other towards the end of the set.  Check it out.  

Featuring: Justine, Jessie Lee
Thursday May 20, 2010

When Aria was in town a couple weeks ago, we shot some amazing content.  Here is one of my favorite shots. Love the red lingerie.  

Featuring: Aria
Wednesday May 19, 2010

Sorry it has taken me so long to update video.  Between my solo show at Fuse Gallery and my video intern leaving me for the summer, it has been hard to get videos done.  But all good things come to those who wait, and this video of Crash is that good.  She is so sexy and you can see she really can move in front of my camera while she gets naked.  Plus you get to hear me and Marlo chit chat about what's new. 

Featuring: Crash
Tuesday May 18, 2010

I have never had a problem if you want to keep your socks on in bed.  Your feet can get cold. Plus these long socks are so sexy and fun, as you can tell.  Justine and Mandy look so warm and cozy together.  Even the way they hold each other hands behind Mandys back is too cute. More of these to come.

Featuring: Mandy, Justine
Monday May 17, 2010

I love this set.  Ryan looks so good, plus she is all dressed up in her little cardigan, ruffle undies, heals and long pearl necklace.  And wait to you see where she put her pearls. Plus she is outside the whole time she gets naked.  She even rolls around in the dirt at the end of the set.  What an extremely hot set.

Featuring: Ryan
Friday May 14, 2010

A great set of Athena is now for your viewing pleasure.  If you have already seen the BTS video of this set you know how sexy Athena is.  And you know that when she got naked some one from across the way was watching her.  Its a great set of her close to a big open window with the city driving by. 

Featuring: Athena
Thursday May 13, 2010

I have been trying not to do any new shoots for the site before my solo show, but when Dina emailed me saying she would be in town for a couple days, I jumped to wanting to shoot her. And aren't you and I glad I did.  This is the first of a bunch of smoking hot pics.  More to come. 

Featuring: Dina
Wednesday May 12, 2010

This is such a hot Bts of Mandy and Charlotte making out in the kitchen. As you can see from this photo I posted a a month ago, its super sexy.  But the video just makes it even better. They basically are naked the whole time and never keep their hands off each other.  A must see

Featuring: Mandy, Charlotte
Tuesday May 11, 2010

Aria was in town two weeks ago and we shot some awesome content.  Well of course we did, Aria is easy to shoot and smoking hot.  She was lying on the floor for my Holga camera and she started biting her finger.  I had to grab my Canon and take a shot of it.  

Featuring: Aria
Monday May 10, 2010

Shooting these two beautiful women naked and rolling around together is amazing. Jelena with her beautiful curves and Zoli with hers are so sexy together.  They seem like such different girls, ones more glamour and the other more Alt, but you don't even notice with their awesome chemistry.  Check out the whole naked set.

Featuring: Zoli, Jelena
Friday May 7, 2010

You have been asking me to post Lexie, so here she is.  Looking smoking hot in her peach lingerie and posing on this trunk while she takes it all off.  Love her black thigh highs and real red hair.  

Featuring: Lexie
Thursday May 6, 2010

As Dylan slides here clothes off and looks over her shoulder at the camera.  Need I say more?  Hot!

Featuring: Dylan
Wednesday May 5, 2010

I usually don't post 2 of the same girl bts videos back to back, but Nicotine is so hot, why the hell not.  Plus she looks great in leather and point shoes.  Wait till you see when she takes off her vest and unveils her beautiful big boobs.  

Featuring: Nicotine
Tuesday May 4, 2010

If you follow me on Twitter you would have seen that I was in New Orleans last week with Ryan.  We had so much fun and of course we had to shoot. This SHot was on the balcony out side in the French Quarter.  I mean, when you go to New Orleans you need to see a girl flashing you right?

Featuring: Ryan
Monday May 3, 2010

Here is an other set of the lovely Jade that we shot for Penthouse and they didn't use.  I don't know why, cause it is a hot set.  I love shooting girls looking at themselves in the mirror. Plus her very cute bra and panties with the cherries on them are the even better when they come off.  So sexy.

Featuring: Jade