Friday April 25, 2014

I love shooting outside with my models and I love shooting during that happy hour of sunlight.  This sweet and sexy set of Ryan is just that.  Naked and sun kissed.  Check it all out. 

Featuring: Ryan
Thursday April 24, 2014

The sexy butt of Sydni taking off her yellow caftan in front of her window.  More to come.  

Featuring: Sydni
Wednesday April 23, 2014

Lily is one sexy tall drink of water, watch this sexy behind the scenes of her taking it off for my camera. 

Featuring: Lily
Tuesday April 22, 2014

This was the beginning of an amazing set of Cassidey and Kayla making out outside.  This might be the only teaser I can post as its is too sexy for the blog area of the site.  More to come. 

Featuring: Kayla, Cassidey
Monday April 21, 2014

This is one smoking hot set. Charlotte and Reena are great friends in real life and love to play around with each other.  You can see how much they love each other in this smoking hot set.  Check it all out. 

Featuring: Reena, Charlotte
Friday April 18, 2014

This is from my first shoot with Ashley.  Its such a sexy and cute set with these french doors and purple lingerie. Check it all out. 

Featuring: Ashley
Thursday April 17, 2014

When I got to shoot with Kayla again during my last trip to LA we shot in this awesome castle, and of course there was this beautiful stain glass window.  Not as beautiful as Kayla but it makes for great scenery.  

Featuring: Kayla
Wednesday April 16, 2014

Here is the behind the scenes video from my very first shoot with Hazel.  Watch it.  

Featuring: Hazel
Tuesday April 15, 2014

I met Sydni right before she moved to NYC at a burlesque show and thought she she was an amazing tall drink of water.  At 6'2" this woman has legs for days and can move like no one else.  So sexy, strong and beautiful, more to come from the tallest lady on the site. 

Featuring: Sydni
Monday April 14, 2014

Here is an other very sexy set of Shay and Justine together making out in a little alley way next to a house in LA.  Its surprising that these two Penthouse Pets have never worked together before this shoot, (besides being in a video game together).  Super sexy, check them all out. 

Featuring: Shay, Justine
Friday April 11, 2014

If you know Tina you know how powerful her butt is.  This set shows off all her amazing assets as she poses by this window. Super sexy, check it out. 

Featuring: Tina
Thursday April 10, 2014

When Kayla said she wanted to bring Cassidey to the shoot of course I said yes.  But I had no idea the kind of electric chemistry these two would have. So sexy and fun. Great shoots and more to come. 

Featuring: Kayla, Cassidey
Wednesday April 9, 2014

Here is the behind the scenes video with Alexis from our first shoot.  Watch it, super fun. 

Featuring: Alexis
Tuesday April 8, 2014

I got to shoot the very lovely and sexy Cassidey when I was in LA.  I met her thru Kayla Paige and didn't know that she was pretty well known.  I'm a lucky girl to meet such great ladies and shoot them naked.  

Featuring: Cassidey
Monday April 7, 2014

I took these two lovely ladies to upstate Mass to shoot and we found this abandoned wood panel room.  Of course I had to shoot there. And Evelyn and Ivory looked so good against this warm wood and their warm skin.  Such a  sexy set, check it out. 

Featuring: Ivory, Evelyn