Tuesday April 30, 2013

When I got to shoot Kacie like classic pin up style I was looking up old photos to see what props we needed.  It seemed like they used tons of ottomans back then, so of course I had to buy some for the shoot.  Also they would put up a fabric backdrop in these old photos that wasn\'t perfect, so of course I had to do that too.  Is this photo taking you back in time?  I know Kacies perfect pin up look is doing it for me.  

Featuring: Kacie
Monday April 29, 2013

I shot Athena on a Roof in NYC but here is the set from when we were in LA.  Sexy stockings, lingerie and high high heels.  The mixture of a beautiful woman with rusted industrial roof is perfect.  

Featuring: Athena
Friday April 26, 2013

I love shooting Crash's butt.  I love shooting every part of her too, but her butt is great.  And you see plenty of it in this sexy set.  She is all over this examination table too.  

Featuring: Crash
Thursday April 25, 2013

I'm one lucky photographer as I got to shoot with Aria a bunch of times when she was still modeling.  This shot was taken when I got to shoot a bunch of models in Hawaii back 4 years ago.  I got so many sexy pics of these lovely ladies on the beach naked.  I got so many awesome sets of Aria there too, with other models or just by herself.  Check out them all Here.  

Featuring: Aria
Wednesday April 24, 2013

Here is a great behind the scenes video of Sylvia from our shoot in Philly.  Watch and love her as much as I do.  

Featuring: Sylvia
Tuesday April 23, 2013

You may have already seen the Mishka Calendar that I shot this photo of Stoya for, but you have never seen the original.  I got to shoot this photo of her at the Box and it might have been the quickest shoot I have done.  But the results are beautiful.  

Featuring: Stoya
Monday April 22, 2013

Such a romantic set of Lily, naked the whole time and playing around with this long light robe.  Shot inside and outside this sliding glass door.  You might have seen the Lomokino from this shoot in black & white, so here is the sexy all color set from that day.  

Featuring: Lily
Friday April 19, 2013

Mosh is having so much fun in Latex on this chair up against this beautiful wood wall.  She such an amazing model, every pic is more adventurous from the next.  

Featuring: Mosh
Thursday April 18, 2013

Have you looked at all the sexy sets of Steam on the site?  If not Here is your link to all of them, which every one is just as good as the last.  I miss shooting with Steam, but I love the photos I have of her.  

Featuring: Steam
Wednesday April 17, 2013

This was such a sexy outdoor shoot of Betty, totally being sneaky in Brooklyn being naked in public.  Watch the whole behind the scenes videos to see us getting nervous if we are going to get caught or not.  

Featuring: Betty
Tuesday April 16, 2013

Nova is just taking a sexy naked nap on these dirty stairs.  Love that she has nothing else on but stockings, garter and heels.  

Featuring: Nova
Monday April 15, 2013

This is an old set I shot so long ago I think I forgot about it.  But I'm glad I dusted it off of the site, cause there is this vintage 80's hotness going on here.  With Justine and Zoli wearing spandex and rolling around with each other on this red couch you will not be disappointed.  Check them all out.  

Featuring: Zoli, Justine
Friday April 12, 2013

This set is so old that Dylan hasn't had dark hair in quite a long time.  But it doesn't make it any less great, its actually a very sexy set of Dylan all over this living room.  Check it out. 

Featuring: Dylan
Thursday April 11, 2013

I have been working like crazy on my art show at Mighty Tanaka that I haven't been shooting much new stuff.  Thats cool asI can share with you some of my favorite models I haven't shot in a while.  Throwback Thursdays for the next couple weeks starting with Syd.  I love the 2 shoots I did with Syd and miss them as a model. Check them all out HERE.  

Featuring: Syd
Wednesday April 10, 2013

You have seen this crazy sexy set of Justine and Jiz eating each other up, and you have seen the Karmalooptv episode from this shoot too, now watch the Behind the Scenes video that shows all the goods. 

Featuring: Justine, Jiz
Tuesday April 9, 2013

Here is an other super sexy image of Charlotte near a pool in Cali.  I have an art show up at MIghty Tanaka and you can see the art piece that Hiroshi and I did from this series from my Lomokino.  Its interesting to see the same model in the same environment but in total different mediums or artistic views.  

Featuring: Charlotte
Monday April 8, 2013

I recently saw Lauren and realized I had one more super beautiful set of her to post on here.  This is such a good one all back lit and beautiful.  Check them all out.  

Featuring: Lauren
Friday April 5, 2013

If your a fan of naked ladies outside you will love this set of Stephy C.  She gets naked on a roof next to the Empire State Building, I Heart NY all the way.  Plus she is smiling through out this set, which shows you how happy she is to get naked.  Check it out.  

Featuring: Stephy
Thursday April 4, 2013

I got the shoot the very lovely and sexy Nova in Ryan Cohns place a couple weeks back.  She was the perfect model to shoot there, as I have shot many models there, but Nova is really into taxidermy and bones.  She got totally into it.  More to come.  

Featuring: Nova
Wednesday April 3, 2013

Here is a fun behind the scenes video of me shooting with Jelena from a while back when she visited in NYC.  You have seen the set from this video here.  

Featuring: Jelena
Tuesday April 2, 2013

I love shooting with mirrors, they always give a skewed looked to who I'm shooting and make me think about different ways to photograph them.  This photo of Marlo looks like a photo in a photo, framing her against the window.  So pretty and quiet.  

Featuring: Marlo
Monday April 1, 2013

This bathroom looks like your grandmother had her way and exploded in pink.  And it so crazy thats its amazing.  But with Yesenia naked in this bathroom makes it even more amazing as her beauty takes over and you forget these crazy tiles.  Check out the whole set.  

Featuring: Yesenia