Monday December 30, 2019

I love this set of Justine and Jelena naked on a couch.  One of these images is in my new book, More Dirty Girls. Its so classic and you can see me in one of the photos. Fun, sexy and very naked. 

Featuring: Jelena, Justine
Friday December 27, 2019

Some times simple tights on a smoking hot lady against a white wall is all you need. And Stephy wears it all so well. 

Featuring: Stephy
Wednesday December 25, 2019

Hazel and Evelyn came by to get a full body make up done by Anita Nouryeh to make them into Auk Su Nam from  the Mummy and Zora from Blade Runner.  Watch this full behind the scenes video to see who is who and how amazing they look naked with just make up on. 

Featuring: Evelyn, Hazel
Monday December 23, 2019

This is the only shoot I ever did in Germany and it was so much fun working with Eden.  She is such classic pin up and 2 of these images are in my new book More Dirty Girls.  Get it now signed. 

Featuring: Eden
Friday December 20, 2019

I love working with Jiz and when they brought Chocolate along to shoot too and knew it would be amazing.  I got so many great shots with them as you will see this set. They are so sweet, sexy and fun together. 

Featuring: Chocolate, Jiz
Wednesday December 18, 2019

Shooting Marlo and Charlotte together was the best.  So different and so similar, as you can see this is behind the scenes video.  Watch this video now. 

Featuring: Charlotte, Marlo
Monday December 16, 2019

Alana is a Brooklyn girl who knows her way around a fire escape but also how to relax in a hammock. See this full set of all those cute back yard hang outs in the nude. 

Featuring: Alana
Friday December 13, 2019

Its cold outside, so what better way to stay warm is to be naked in fur!!! And Puss and Gigi keep each other very warm in this sexy and super fun set. 

Featuring: Gigi, Puss
Wednesday December 11, 2019

I had way too much fun shooting with Audrey and this behind the scenes video show you all the good times. 

Featuring: Audrey
Monday December 9, 2019

One of the photos from this set is in my new book More Dirty Girls and you have to see this full set now.  Betty is so adorable getting naked by this fence in Brooklyn outside in in public. I love public nudity. 

Featuring: Betty
Friday December 6, 2019

You have to love a lady who wears only stockings, heels and bunny ears outside being super naked and Hex delivers.  See this full set now. 

Featuring: Hex
Wednesday December 4, 2019

Check out this behind the scenes video of Melina from our shoot in Brooklyn.

Featuring: Melina
Monday December 2, 2019

Some of these photos of Jelena are in my new book, More Dirty Girls, but this full set is here.  We got to shoot in a fancy house in LA and Jelena wears this beautiful pink lingerie that she takes off.

Featuring: Jelena