Friday December 29, 2017

Boo Boo, Evelyn, and Gigi are the Sirens of this huge waterfall we hiked to back when I was visiting Tennessee back in the Spring.  As 2017 ends I wanted to celebrate one of the most epic shoots I need all year, with a full set.  These three beautiful women hiked with me about 2 miles to get to this magical location and it was breath taking, literally, I gasped when I saw this waterfall.  I wish you all a beautiful, happy, loving New Year.  I'm going to keep creating and sharing with you all. 

Featuring: Boo Boo, Evelyn, GiGi LF
Monday December 25, 2017

Eliza was so much fun to work with.  She is beautiful and loves her big curves.  This full set she wears stocking and takes them off.  Its is sexy and she is smiling through out. 

Featuring: Eliza
Friday December 22, 2017

I love when I get to shoot with two models who are not just friends in real life, but partners in crime.  Charlotte and Mandy love working and playing together.  And they are so damn cute at it.  Check out this full set. 

Featuring: Charlotte, Mandy
Monday December 18, 2017

I love this set.  There are some of these image in my book, Dirty Girl Collection and this main post image was on a skate board years ago.  Its so sexy and Justine's make up and the lighting is perfect.

Featuring: Justine
Friday December 15, 2017

I love shooting with sun light, bright shinny sun light.  And Sydni had this beautiful window to pose in.  She looks so hot in this set, you will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! See all 30 photos now!

Featuring: Sydni
Tuesday December 12, 2017

Great hair and big boobs, Rain deliverers in the hotness.  More to come!

Featuring: Rain
Monday December 11, 2017

Shooting with Hollis is the best, so amazing she is in my book Dirty Girl Collection a lot and is on the cover.  I love this set we shot in bed with this purple light.  Its super sexy and super naked.  Enjoy!!

Featuring: Hollis
Friday December 8, 2017

I love all my sets with Calamity, they are so sexy and bendy and fun.  This set might be the sexiest of them all.  It simple, just her on a white bed, but she flirts with camera the most. You will love this. 

Featuring: Calamity
Thursday December 7, 2017

The light was perfect and this white lace shall gave Audrey the look of an angel. 

Featuring: Audrey
Tuesday December 5, 2017

I had so much fun shooting with Hazel in Miami, and these photos are so classically sexy.  Pin up all the way.  I can't wait to share them all with you, for now just a teaser. 

Featuring: Hazel
Monday December 4, 2017

I have worked with Charlotte so many times I lost count.  She is amazing, all American blonde and also one of a kind.  She is the hottest and the sweetest.  A lot of these photos are in my book too, get your signed copy Here!!

Featuring: Charlotte
Friday December 1, 2017

Happy December!!! Lest go to the beach with SweetPea, I wish!!! I love this and makes me miss summer.  Enjoy SweetPea in the sand and then in the ocean. 

Featuring: SweetPea