Wednesday December 30, 2015

You have seen this set with Jezebel wearing latex HERE, now watch the super fun behind the scenes video.  Jezebel is so playful and smily, you'll love it. 

Featuring: Jezebel
Monday December 28, 2015

I loved introducing Mandy and Ariel together.  They are about the same height and I knew they would have fun posing with each other.  This set in a freight elevator is so playful, sexy and fun, they are really into it.  

Featuring: Ariel, Mandy
Friday December 25, 2015

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Here is a sexy new set of Ashley in my bed.  Unwrap this fun and enjoy.  

Featuring: Ashley
Wednesday December 23, 2015

You have seen this set HERE of the very sexy Ellem, now watch the behind the scenes video from this shoot. 

Featuring: Ellem
Monday December 21, 2015

I got to shoot Joanna a couple times and this time was so much fun in this minimal apt in Hollywood.  I love the reflections in the glass and the warm lighting from the all white bathroom.  And Joanna looks smoking hot.  

Featuring: Joanna
Friday December 18, 2015

I love this set of Shay, looking at it makes me think of how to shoot in more interesting ways with back light.  And Shay looks amazing in every pic.  See thru panties and a sexy robe to play with.  

Featuring: Shay
Wednesday December 16, 2015

You have seen this set of Jelena HERE, now watch the behind the scenes video.  

Featuring: Jelena
Monday December 14, 2015

Shooting with Aria was always fun, she is sexy and comes up with the most inventive poses.  I love this set of her in these old church benches in the basement of a bar in NYC. 

Featuring: Aria
Friday December 4, 2015

Adriana is one hot babe.  I got the pleasure to shoot her twice, once with Justine Joli and this time solo. I would have shot her a million time if she did retire.  

Featuring: Adriana
Wednesday December 2, 2015

You have seen the set of Stormy dressed up in her cowgirl outfit HERE, now check out the behind the scenes video.  

Featuring: Stormy