Monday December 31, 2012

Solo set of Masuimi in Lucy B lingerie outside on this plastic white couch.  Every pic is more beautiful and naughty then the next.  Check them out. 

Featuring: Masuimi
Friday December 28, 2012

This is one very sexy set of Mandy pushed up against a glass table.  She is so brave to get up on this glass table and ride around on it.  She is a slender lady so I knew it could hold her.  

Featuring: Mandy
Thursday December 27, 2012

Ashley is so much fun to shoot, she is down for basically everything and always looks super sexy.  Here is an other teaser from our shoot almost over a year ago.  

Featuring: Ashley
Wednesday December 26, 2012

You may have already seen my Lomokino of Stoya , but here is the behind the scenes video of when that was filmed.  

Featuring: Stoya
Tuesday December 25, 2012

I love red nails on my models and I love when two of my models match with their red nails.  This teaser image is so sexy with Dylan and Beretta making out in the shower.  They were telling me they are each others porn wives and you can really see the chemistry in this one photo.  Many more sexy ones to come.  

Featuring: Dylan, Beretta
Monday December 24, 2012

Kacie and I were totally inspired by the Bunny Yeager image of Bettie Page for this Christmas set. Its is so cheesecake that your teeth will hurt after look at this perfectly sweet set. Kacie dresses up as a pinup Santa and Reindeer with the cutest little xmas tree.  Even her stockings are hung close to the tree as she pulls them off with her teeth.  And if you can email me with the special surprise treat under the tree in this set I'll give you a free year of as my xmas gift to you.  1 image has a secret surprise, so if you find it and email me what it is you get a gift. Happy Holidays!!!

Featuring: Kacie
Friday December 21, 2012

Kendra stays naked threw out this whole set. They only thing between the camera and her is a sliding glass door.  She is inside the door and outside and every photo is sexy, surreal and playful.  Check them all out.  

Featuring: Kendra
Thursday December 20, 2012

Yes I got to shoot five beautiful ladies naked all at once, Evelyn Vinyl, Gal Friday, Nasty Canasta and new to the site Mala Morrigan and Poison Ivory. This extremely sexy pile was brought to me by Wasabassco Burlesque for a 70's themed van show on Jan 20th.  So this is a tease and taste of how sexy this show is going to be, mark your calendars.  

Featuring: Evelyn, Gal, Ivory, Mala, Nasty
Wednesday December 19, 2012

I got to shoot the very sexy Sylvia last year in Philly.  Here is one of the behind the scenes video from our shoot. 

Featuring: Sylvia
Tuesday December 18, 2012

I got to shoot the very lovely Kacie last week and we decided to do a Bettie Page tribute.  I have been asked by a couple models to do pin up Bettie Page style pics but I wasn't sure their look would translate correctly until now.  Kacie however looks like she can be during that era.  Even the way her face is, not just the haircut but her dna makes more sense about 50 years ago. I love her classic look, so so much classic cheese cake from this sexy model.  

Featuring: Kacie
Monday December 17, 2012

This is one sexy set of Arden.  She Starts out with her beautiful flower matching bra, panties and garter and the first thing she takes off is her panties.  You know you want to see a sexy naked set of a great writer.  

Featuring: Arden
Friday December 14, 2012

Here is the first full very sexy set of Brooklyn.  She looks perfect in every photo and even rips these panties hoes off.  It was such a pleasure to shoot with her.  

Featuring: Brooklyn
Thursday December 13, 2012

These 2 ladies are way to sexy together.  Justine as she licks Shays ear and Shay with that little grin on her face.  More sexiness to come.  

Featuring: Shay, Justine
Wednesday December 12, 2012

Nikki is such a fun and sexy lady to work with. You can see how much fun we have in this video during our shoot. Watch it. 

Featuring: Nikki
Tuesday December 11, 2012

Here is an other sexy teaser image of Kaylx.  She looks so innocent until you check out all those tattoos. 

Featuring: Kaylx
Monday December 10, 2012

Stockroom has to be one of sexiest places to shop in LA.  But its even more fun when you have a friend/model work there and let you borrow outfits for shoots. Athena works at Stockroom and at the time of this shoot she had knee surgery a couple days before.  So she suggested that her and Marlo dress up in these extremely sexy latex nurse outfits as Marlo takes care of Athena's broken self.  Or is it that Athena ends up taking care of Marlo?  Check out the whole set to figure it out. 

Featuring: Marlo, Athena
Friday December 7, 2012

Here is my last set of Aria, but I may have saved the best for last. You can look at all the other sets we have shot together here to compair.  Oh all right, every photo of Aria is amazing, beautiful and sexy and If you're a fan of hers you know this.  Check out the whole sexy set. 

Featuring: Aria
Thursday December 6, 2012

When I got to shoot Charlotte outside by this pool I really didn't realize how magical it was going to be.  Charlotte is already pretty damn magical but the sunlight bouncing off the pool made her look like a mythical creature. So beautiful. 

Featuring: Charlotte
Wednesday December 5, 2012

You have probably seen the sexy set of Hollis in these bright blue fishnets, here is the behind the scenes video from that shoot.  She is so bendy you might not of even believed the photos but here is the video to prove it.  

Featuring: Hollis
Tuesday December 4, 2012

When I was shooting Tina I asked her if she knew how powerful her butt was.  She told me that was a great question but it took her while to figure it out.  Tina Dommes on the side and that magnificate ass helps her with her job, being powerful over people.  She is also very sexy lady with an amazing brain.  

Featuring: Tina
Monday December 3, 2012

Gisella gets naked infront of Jesus, hey Jesus loved everyone, naked or not.  This 70's style apt is so cute and Gisella looks super cute in it.  Check out the whole set.  

Featuring: Gisella