Thursday November 30, 2017

How hot are these ladies together? Nasty and Evelyn had so much fun in the woods when it was still warm outside.  I miss shooting outside with such pretty ladies. 

Featuring: Evelyn, Nasty
Tuesday November 28, 2017

RE brought these matching sweaters for her and Justine to wear. And its serious sweater weather out there, so get cozy with your friends. 

Featuring: Justine Marie, Rogizoid
Monday November 27, 2017

I only got to shoot DeeDee once, and some of those pics are in my book Dirty Girl Collection, but this set is brand new, as I forgot to retouch it.  I'm working really hard to get through all my content, as I have some that is over 5 years old.  There are some great sets in there, like this one of DeeDee. 

Featuring: Deedee
Friday November 24, 2017

I was lucky enough to shoot in this amazing apt a friend of mine had available to me.  It had some random areas like the stairs with this window cut out to the living room.  I had a blast shooting with Andre there, who was adventurous enough to get into this little window in heels.   It a sexy set, enjoy.

Featuring: Andre
Thursday November 23, 2017

Hazel brought all the neon to Miami and we shot and had the best time.  We hadn't shot in a year, but then a long time before that for Stagg Street. I'm so glad she is back and better then ever.  I can't wait to share more of these photos with you.  Hot stuff. 

Featuring: Hazel
Tuesday November 21, 2017

Rain and I have been friends for a while now, but she came to me with some amazing ideas on how we can shoot together.  So we got in the studio, I brought a pink gel for the lights and she brought her birthday suit.  More to come, and they are really good. 

Featuring: Rain
Monday November 20, 2017

Shooting ladies in bed might seem pretty regular, but there is nothing regular about Sarah.  Very sexy lady and you aren't going to be upset with all these amazing photos of her in her lingerie. 

Featuring: Nicotine
Friday November 10, 2017

As I have been telling you guys I have so many old sets I\'m still catching up with, this one of Marlo from over 4 years ago. But Marlo looks so amazing and all good things come to those who wait. 

Featuring: Marlo
Thursday November 9, 2017

As you all already know I love shooting outside.  Here is the gorgeous Cheeky being one with nature. 

Featuring: Cheeky
Tuesday November 7, 2017

I loved this shot of Justine I had to share it with you.  More to come!

Featuring: Justine Marie
Monday November 6, 2017

I have shot with blinds so many times I lost count.  But they always deliver some amazing light and shadows, so why stop now? This set of Justene is just as great, sexy with shadows and light.  Its just as beautiful as she is. 

Featuring: Justene
Friday November 3, 2017

I love working with mirrors, its fun to move around them to make interesting compositions.  This set of Kaylx is just like that.  Its sexy and there are two for her with the reflections.

Featuring: Kaylx
Thursday November 2, 2017

If I had only one place to ever shoot in it would be this tree.  You have seen a couple photos in this tree and it never gets boring.  Including when Evelyn climbs around in it. 

Featuring: Evelyn