Friday November 30, 2012

When Alexis got into the adult business her first Girl/Girl scene she requested Justine.  And since then they have seen each other but not worked on camera until this days shoot.  I would have booked them a bunch more times cause their chemistry is brillant together.  You will love each one of these photos more and more.  Check them out.  

Featuring: Alexis, Justine
Thursday November 29, 2012

I got to shoot Dylan in this Hotel room that above the bed it kept telling us to "Be Good".  Dylan is thinking about it while being naked all over the bed.  So cute!

Featuring: Dylan
Wednesday November 28, 2012

Here is an other awesome video of Nicole from our shoot in Philly.  We always have a great time shooting together and you can see that is this video.  

Featuring: Nicole
Tuesday November 27, 2012

Here is a very sexy new model to the site, Beretta.  I met her thru Jiz and Dylan which I'm so happy they introduced me to her.  Extremely sexy lady and I have more of her getting naked with Dylan coming soon.  

Featuring: Beretta
Monday November 26, 2012

There is a something so sensual about a woman in a light simple slip back lit by the sun of a window. Yayla is this lady next door is a perfect example of that.  This sexy is so raw you will love it.  Check it all out. 

Featuring: Valya
Friday November 23, 2012

I got to shoot these two beauties on a boot worship bench that Sullivan Walsh made.  Justine and Marlo have such great chemistry together while Marlo starts this set out on top with Justine worshiping her boots and then the tables change with Marlo getting spanked naked. Check the whole set out, location, ladies and wardrobe is top notch.  

Featuring: Marlo, Justine
Thursday November 22, 2012

I got to shoot these to beauties together when I was in LA and it was magical.  Lily and Jelena had never met before but have heard about each other and wanted to work together.  They liked each other right away which made for amazing chemistry.  Plus they are both long sexy ladies, 5'9" and 5'10".  I'm so happy I got to take these photos. 

Featuring: Lily, Jelena
Wednesday November 21, 2012

Here is a super cute and Fun behind the scenes video of Ashley.  Watch her take off her purple teddy and get naked outside.  Always fun to have outside nudity.  

Featuring: Ashley
Tuesday November 20, 2012

I emailed Jiz about shooting before I got to SF and they suggested a couple other models to shoot with.  In the list of names Chocolate Chip popped out to me before I even saw what she looked like. I wanted to shoot a woman named Chocolate and was excited that she was hot too.  Such a great addition to the site.  More to come.  

Featuring: Chocolate, Jiz
Monday November 19, 2012

The first sexy set of Scarlett from my trip in Philly.  She has all these pin up models tattooed on her body and these pics make her look like a pin up model.  Super sexy/cute!!! Check them all out.  

Featuring: Scarlett
Friday November 16, 2012

This set of crash is so quite and simple but Crash looks so strong and sexy.  Amazing thigh high stockings and a bright red vintage teddy which she takes off. Crash was cold when we shot this but she is true pro to make these cement steps look so good. 

Featuring: Crash
Thursday November 15, 2012

I got to shoot the very lovely and sexy Justene again when I was out in LA. And of course I put her in front of windows blinds which kind of matched her dress.  

Featuring: Justene
Wednesday November 14, 2012

You need to watch this behind the scenes video of Stephy with the Empire State Building behind her.  Sexy pink lingerie that comes off on the roof in mid Manhattan.  

Featuring: Stephy
Tuesday November 13, 2012

I got to shoot these extremely beautiful ladies together when i was in LA last week.  And surprisingly Justine and Shay have never shot together, even though they have done press together and traveled to other countries to do this press.  It was so much fun putting these two together.  More to come.  

Featuring: Shay, Justine
Monday November 12, 2012

I love shooting with window blinds, either behind the model or with the model laying in the striped light.  Here is a very sexy naked set of Yan with these stripes all over her. It almost looks like water running across her.  Check them out.  

Featuring: Yan
Friday November 9, 2012

Here is one sexy set of Ryan in an orange bathroom with mirrors all over. There are multiple Ryans taking off her lingerie and looking amazing.  Check them all out.  

Featuring: Ryan
Thursday November 8, 2012

The election was on the same day as I shot Brooklyn so she wore her American Flag bikini to celebrate.  It was one sexy day of shooting and Brooklyn is such an amazing addition to the site.  I have been wanting to shoot her for almost a year when she tweeted at me that she wanted to shoot with me. She is so down to earth, sweet and amazing model.  More to come.  

Featuring: Brooklyn
Wednesday November 7, 2012

Here is a one fun behind the scenes video of Kortney and Kayla together who look amazing together.  They stay naked with heels on on on a hill.  Watch.  

Featuring: Kayla, Kortney
Tuesday November 6, 2012

I'm out in LA shooting beautiful woman and one of them is Charlotte.  Got to shoot in this amazing brand new bathroom that the shower has a sky light.  So sexy.  

Featuring: Charlotte
Monday November 5, 2012

I have now 2 sets of a my models wearing Chaps, Stormy from this set last week and now Jiz.  Chaps are so sexy cause they are leather pants with no crotch, so hot.  And this set of Jiz shows off how hot Jiz's ass.  Even the jock strap doesn't have a back to it.  Amazing.  

Featuring: Jiz
Friday November 2, 2012

Here is one sexy set of Jelena, simple in front of a window and with a stool.  Oh and one tight body clinging dress.  Such a hot set, check it out.  

Featuring: Jelena
Thursday November 1, 2012

Jessie looks great naked and just a pair of black boots.  So cute.  

Featuring: Jessie Lee