Friday November 28, 2008

This is by far one of my favorite sets.  She looks like she is a greek god statue.  This one one of the few times I had no lighting equipment with me and the sun did what it did best.  Madison's perfect pale white skin, red hair and red pubes are totally for worshiping.  

Featuring: Madison
Thursday November 27, 2008

Courtney came over and showed me her outfits.  She pulls out of her bag lace slips and latex gloves and feathered g strings and then this latex mask.  She asked me "I'm not sure you shoot this, but I brought it just in case".  I was so excited, I loved this weird gimp/lucha libre mask. I even shot video of us putting it on and talking about it, video so to come.

Featuring: Courtney
Wednesday November 26, 2008

I shot a bunch of my sets in LA at a friends place in Sliverlake over looking the lake.  Later in the day the sun would come in the windows and had the best lighting.  It is so warm, almost like fire lighting up the house.  Zoli looked amazing in this light, her eyes totally pop. 

Featuring: Zoli
Tuesday November 25, 2008

I shot Renee for the first time when we were filming for The Stagg Party over the summer.  I got to shoot her with the incredibly big breasted Jelena.  The shoot was funny cause I realized i was wearing the same dress I wore a year earlier while shooting Jelena (which is on my bio pic on this site) ha ha ha.  This is a super hot set, with these 2 girls who met with for the first time during this shoot.  Instant chemistry.  

Featuring: Renee, Jelena
Monday November 24, 2008

Charlotte invited me over to hang out and take pictures.  She is such a sweet heart and way to barely legal sexy.  She pulled out this teany tiny red bikini that she said she never shot in before.  There is about 5 inched of fabric to the whole thing.  

Featuring: Charlotte
Friday November 21, 2008

Fleshbot is doing "Gratuitous Nude Photo" posts with some of the images I have and I'm going to post here on Stagg Street.  It is super nice of them to use my images.  Here is the set from the photo they used yesterday.  Krista is so smoking hot, you're going to love this set.  


Featuring: Krista
Thursday November 20, 2008

I shot Nyssa before i left for LA.  She is really a great model, and super sexy.  Plus she can tie herself up.  

Featuring: Nyssa
Wednesday November 19, 2008

I shot Masuimi last week when I was in LA.  I haven't shot her since she was blonde, last year.  I had the best shoot with her this time around.  We got amazing sets from it, outside and inside.  I have so much retouching from that trip and the trip before.  Thank god its cold out, I'm going to be staying home a lot.

Featuring: Masuimi
Tuesday November 18, 2008

Zoli is too hot.  I just stayed with her when I was in LA and she is one of the coolest chicks ever.  She is super sweet and sexy.  You can see how hot she is in this weeks episode of The Stagg Party on IFC and this set i shot during the making of the show.  

Featuring: Zoli
Monday November 17, 2008

Hey friends and fans, I shot a 2009 calendar with Mishka and it is killer.  You know you want to flip the months away in the upcoming year with all my favorite girls, Jelena Jensen, Justine Joli, Mandy Morbid, Darenzia, Ariel, Nicole, Joanna Angel, Jessie Lee, Zoli and Maria.  Check it out Here, and there is also a limited edition T-shirt of Mandy from May.  Or you can get both at a special price.  This is going to be the biggest collectors item of 2009, look at everyone who is writing about it.  


The Freshness

High Snobiety

Killah Beez



RH Blog

The Find Buzz


Individual Sole

Album Hunt



Featuring: Zoli
Friday November 14, 2008

Ryan has all great characteristics, she is super cute and sexy at the same time.  She can wear the most simple gray cotton panties and yellow tank, which most girls would just sleep in, and makes it a super desirable outfit.  

Featuring: Ryan
Thursday November 13, 2008

Here is an other pic of Nicole from back in Brooklyn.  I can't wait to fly home tomorrow, however I'm super excited for my opening tonight.  It's going to be a great show.  I have printed up 14 pieces that i have mounted on wood.  Tell anyone you know to come on by.  And for those of you who can't make it I'll be sure to take pics to show you all. 

Featuring: Nicole
Wednesday November 12, 2008

I shot Shay over the weekend up in the mountains in California.  She lives in this old cute mountain house that reminds me of homes in New England.  Here is the first shot from a  whole great day of shooting.  

Featuring: Shay
Tuesday November 11, 2008

I shot Justine at my artist friends place, Wes Lang.  You can see his art behind Justine on the wall.  We shot at his place for The Stagg Party, I shot her with a wig and with her regular hair.  She pulled out this amazing teddy/lingerie outfit from Agent Provocateur that took all of us 20 minute to figure out how to put it on. Once she got it on i

was wondering how anyone could try to be sexy in it. It is like a chastity belt. But Justine totally

pulls it off and makes it super sexy.

Featuring: Justine
Monday November 10, 2008

I'm having fun and staying busy out here in LA.  I have to 2 more shoots before I head up to SF for my show at CSC, the opening is this Thursday for those of you who are in SF to come down and see it.  I haven't been able to retouch any new images from this trip since driving here has taken over my life.  I went up state to shoot one of my girls and I drove 8 hours round trip.  (the things i'll do to take hot pics). Here is an other pic from the shoot I did with Justine Joli and Madison Young when i was back in Brooklyn.  Oh just typing out Brooklyn makes me a little home sick.  

Featuring: Justine, Madison
Friday November 7, 2008

I shot Justine around the time she got her septum pierced.  We went shopping at a local second hand store to find fun vintage lingerie.  She also found these killer cowboy boots.  I asked her abut using my speculum that I got to shoot with.  She had no problem using it as long as it soak in hydrogen peroxide. These pictures have soft sides of Justine's beauty and hard metal in a dark cold basement.

Featuring: Justine
Thursday November 6, 2008

I'm shooting with Jelena and Zoli today out in LA.  They have met during dinner last time I was here.  Here is a pic of Zoli during that last trip.  

Featuring: Zoli
Wednesday November 5, 2008

I'm back in LA and so far it's awesome.  I went to an election party last night, and as you all watched, Obama had a great speech which made everyone feel excited and inspired.  I'm taking that new found excitement over to Charlotte"s place today and we are going have a great shoot.  Then we are going to celebrate and party likes its new years.  Yippeeee!!!

Featuring: Charlotte
Tuesday November 4, 2008

I shot Ariel and Mandy together in NYC on a hot summer day.  They were the first set I shot for the The Stagg Party.  The first time I met Mandy and saw how petite she was and told her how I would love to shoot her with Ariel, who is also 5 feet tall.  Since they are about same height, and I knew they would both shoot well together.  Some times when you shoot a hot girl who is 7 inches taller then the other hot girl, the set can look a little wonky, unless they are lying down.

 I didn't know they were on rival sites, Burning Angel and Suicide Girls.  Which was exciting to me to shoot them together.  They really seemed to hit it off right away.  Two great girls.  

Featuring: Ariel, Mandy
Monday November 3, 2008

Hey friends and fans, I'm having a show in SF on Thursday, Nov 13th.  If you're in the area or know of friend who are I would love to see you.  It is going to be a the Center for Sex and Culture, address 1519 Mission Steet, from 7-10pm.  See you there!!!

Featuring: Justine