Friday January 31, 2020

Private outside spaces in NYC are so rare that everyone gets so excited to see even just a little slice of it. And to have a naked Yesenia on your balcony is even better.  Explore with Yesenia as she gets naked outside. 

Featuring: Yesenia
Wednesday January 29, 2020

It is always fun shooting with Ashlee and this behind the scenes video from this sexy leather arm chair set is worth a watch.  Listen to what we have to say. 

Featuring: Ashley
Monday January 27, 2020

I want to be at the beach again with smoking hot models like Donna taking photos and soaking up the sun.  And this set is as good as a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue images, but even sexier.

Featuring: Donna
Friday January 24, 2020

I love shooting outside and Andre looks so good in the woods naked.  You will love this sexy nature set too.  Check it out now. 

Featuring: Andre
Wednesday January 22, 2020

Nasty loves her nerdy stuff and these curtains are super scifi nerdy.  And She looks amazing in this sunny window in Brooklyn and this Behind the Scenes video.  Watch now.

Featuring: Nasty
Monday January 20, 2020

When the sun shines in you have to take photos.  Jessie looks so good naked in the sun, and see it in its fullness now.

Featuring: Jessie Lee
Friday January 17, 2020

Some of these images are in my new book, More Dirty Girls and its such a classic sexy set of Ariel and Mandy. There is nothing better then two sexy ladies showering together. 

Featuring: Ariel, Mandy
Wednesday January 15, 2020

I love working with Andre and you can really see it in the behind the scenes video. 

Featuring: Andre
Monday January 13, 2020

When one of your models has a knee that had surgery on it how do you make the shoot still sexy?  Have them both dress up like sexy latex nurses.  Marlo is the nurse and Athena is the nurse/patient.  They are naked while playing "doctor". 

Featuring: Athena, Marlo
Friday January 10, 2020

Shooting with three models at the same time can be difficult but not with these pros.  Evelyn, Ivory and Bella look so amazing together and you will love this set. 

Featuring: Bella, Evelyn, Ivory
Wednesday January 8, 2020

If you have my new book. More Dirty Girls you have seen some of the images from this set and behind the scenes video.  Super sexy and fun shooting with Shay.

Featuring: Shay
Monday January 6, 2020

I was supposed to shoot with Arabelle years ago and I got sick, that was one of the very few times I ever cancelled a shoot.  Then more recently she was in town and we worked together.  They say all good things come to those who wait.  This set is so sexy and worth the wait until now.  See it all now. 

Featuring: Arabelle
Friday January 3, 2020

Hope you all are having a wonderful new year so far.  Here is a brand new model to the site, MisSa Blue, who is s very sexy burlesque performer who came from Europe to shoot with me. 

Featuring: MisSa