Tuesday January 30, 2018

So many amazing one of a kind Polaroids of Audrey on my Patreon, black and white and color.  Its the only place to see them.  Don't miss it.

Featuring: Audrey
Monday January 29, 2018

I love this set and I loved shooting in this empty pool.  Lily is amazing, and I have only worked with her twice, but loved every shot with her.  But this set is so classic and fun. 

Featuring: Lily
Friday January 26, 2018

It was so great to work with Tina again.  We shot 3 awesome sets this day, this one in a backyard in Brooklyn with her fringed leather jacket and a surprise knife.  Its a bad ass set. 

Featuring: Tina
Tuesday January 23, 2018

Did you know I make small silent films called Lomokinos?  I post them on my Patreon, or my Vimeo. They are fun movies made from 35mm film, like this still of Freshie. You need to see them.  So many posted for my Patreons.

Featuring: Freshie
Tuesday January 23, 2018

Have you seen these one of a kind polaroids of Hazel on my Patreon?  Its the only place to see so many sexy polaroids like these of Hazel.  Don\'t miss them, she is very naked outside.

Featuring: Hazel
Monday January 22, 2018

I only got to work with Kimberly once, but I love all our photos so much.  This set is so naughty and sexy, with the tights and toy.  You are going to love it.

Featuring: Kimberly
Friday January 19, 2018

I keep talking about catching up with some old sets I basically forgot about it, well here is a super old one with Ryan.  Why has it taken me so long for so many of these set?  There are so many reasons, but the main one is I'm only one person trying to do way too much work.  I'm actually taking this winter off from shooting new content until I can catch up with all the old content.  This set is almost 9 years old and never been seen before today.  Its Crazy!!! Its an amazing set and I wish I showed it earlier, but I guess better late then never. 

Featuring: Ryan
Monday January 15, 2018

I have always had so much fun shooting with Masuimi. And this set was shot in this small very sunny room in Silverlake, CA, and every photo looks like a postcard.  I love this set and so will you.

Featuring: Masuimi
Friday January 12, 2018

Its this magical beautiful womans Birthday and what better way to celebrate then these super fun photos of her covered in glitter at the beach.  Sapphire is like no other and it took us 2 hours to paint all this glitter on her in the boiling sun.  So worth it. 

Featuring: Sapphire
Thursday January 11, 2018

I love shooting with Polaroids, and the only place to see  my Polaroids is on my Patreon. These ones of Jenna are so magical. Black and white and color and all one of a kind.

Tuesday January 9, 2018

Have you seen all these amazing film images I post on my Patreon?  This set of Lady is so cool shot with real film.  Its a must see.

Featuring: Lady
Monday January 8, 2018

I love Cowgirls!! How sexy is Kortney rolling around in the hay?  This is one hot set, and needs to be looked at over and over again!!!

Featuring: Kortney
Friday January 5, 2018

I almost forgot about this set of Melina, its the last one that we shot many years ago, but I never retouched til now. Its so good, I have no idea why I sat on it.  You will love everyone of these flirty pics, as she rolls around all over this couch. 

Featuring: Melina
Thursday January 4, 2018

Did you know I have a Patreon that I started for my more fine art images using real film?  I'm posting some of my digital stuff there, but mostly working on one of a kind Polaroids, multiple exposures using real film and more.  Its really becoming my labor of love and I would fo you all to see it.  You can also get a full pass to StaggStreet every month for the same price you joined here.  So you pay the same amount to see so much more like these Polaroids of Alana.  Join now and never miss anything.

Featuring: Alana
Monday January 1, 2018

Happy New Years!!! Years ago I got to shoot beautiful women like Mia and Kayla for Penthouse.  We shot 4 sets, 2 Penthouse bought from me and 2 we got to keep.  This is one of those two, with stocking and flannels on this stair case, cozy and sexy.  Check out the full set.

Featuring: Kayla, Mia