Friday January 31, 2014

I need to get out of this snow in NYC, so I thought posting this set of Justine, Marlo and Darenzia at a lake up state NYC from a couple years ago in the sun.  This set I have been saving forever and its perfect.  This is the least sexy of all the images and it's so cute.  The rest of the set is very naked and very naughty.  Check it out.  

I also have to take a break from the site.  I have a ton of other projects that need more time from me.  If you don't see any new posts for February, I'm sorry but need to finish some fun videos that you will all Love.   Please check out the archives in the mean time.  There is roughly 11,000 images and 250 videos.   Check them all out again and thanks for understanding the break.  

Featuring: Marlo, Justine, Darenzia
Thursday January 30, 2014

I got to shoot the very lovely Nasty yesterday, which you may have seen our hot VINE. Now here is a teaser images from that shoot. So much fun, we did more talking then shooting but also got great pics out of it.  

Featuring: Nasty
Wednesday January 29, 2014

You saw the sexy set of Jesse on top of this muscle car, if not check it out again HERE. Now here is the behind the scenes video from that set.  So sexy!

Featuring: Jesse Lee D
Tuesday January 28, 2014

My shoot with Evelyn and Justine a couple weeks ago was so much fun we went into the next day when the sun was up.  This shot was so sexy in the simple morning light.  More to come.  

Featuring: Justine, Evelyn
Monday January 27, 2014

The first time I met Kendra was to shoot with her and Nyssa together. We tried to pitch this to a mag, but thankfully I got to keep it to myself. Its one hot set of them making out together and taking off each other lingerie. Check it out. 

Featuring: Nyssa, Kendra
Friday January 24, 2014

I have a shot a couple of my models on my old blue couch, and here is an other one of those sexy casting couch sets with Adrian.  She starts out in yellow lingerie, which was very sweet and innocent and then she takes it off to be very naughty.  Check it out.  

Thursday January 23, 2014

Here is an other sexy teaser of Justine and Evelyn together in bed.  They had the best time together with these sexy thigh high stockings.  More to come. 

Featuring: Evelyn, Justine
Wednesday January 22, 2014

I love Zoli and the behind the scenes videos with her are always good.  Watch this one and how much we have fun together.  

Featuring: Zoli
Tuesday January 21, 2014

I got to shoot Andre in this crazy black tiled bathroom which was so surreal. There was a black toilet, black sinks and the whole shower tiled in black. It was crazy, but such a great set.  And Andre brought this crazy blue strappy get up that I had to shoot her in this crazy bathroom. Super fun shoot. 

Featuring: Andre
Monday January 20, 2014

I almost forgot this set with Jesse Lee, and its a great one.  She starts out in a white bra and pantie and her black cowboy boots.  While she gets naked she throws her panties at the camera.  

Featuring: Jessie Lee
Friday January 17, 2014

Here is my last set with Nikki, and its a great one. She gets naked in the trees and its very sexy. Must see all photos. Check it out.  

Featuring: Nikki
Thursday January 16, 2014

Justine called me up and said she wanted to shoot with Evelyn, so of course I granted her wish.  And the three of us had a great time.  This is just one of many amazing shots of the two of them together. Their chemistry was amazing and they were laughing and kissing the whole time.  

Featuring: Justine, Evelyn
Wednesday January 15, 2014

This is a super fun behind the scenes video of Rogizoid in lace leggings.  You have seen the set HERE. Now watch the video.  

Featuring: Rogizoid
Tuesday January 14, 2014

New model to the site, Andre!! Andre found me thru Jiz and Dylan and she is such a wonderful addition to the site.  She was a blast to shoot with and so sexy. More to come.  

Featuring: Andre
Monday January 13, 2014

You my have seen the BTS video of Scarlett on this bright red couch in Philly, now check out the full set of her.  So cute and flirty, as she wiggles out of her clothes on this couch.  Check out all the pics.  

Featuring: Scarlett
Friday January 10, 2014

Sinnamon is always fun to shoot with.  Such a sexy pro and is great with her full figured body.  Check out the whole set for more.  

Featuring: Sinnamon
Thursday January 9, 2014

I had the pleasure of shooting with Ryan so many awesome times that there are tons of sexy pics of her on the site.  Check them out again HERE. This might take you a couple days, all good stuff. 

Featuring: Ryan
Wednesday January 8, 2014

Watch Nova in this fun behind the scenes video in a stairwell.  You might have seen the the video on Karmalooptv, but see the full nudity here.  

Featuring: Nova
Tuesday January 7, 2014

Lorraine was one of my first models I shot so long ago for the site and I posted her sets in the very beginning.  So you may not have seen them before, so check them out again HERE.  So sexy.  Long, tall and beautiful.  

Featuring: Lorraine
Monday January 6, 2014

I almost forgot about this set of Zoli.  It was shot at Masuimi's place back in the day and it is short and sweet, but totally worth a view.  Its super cute how she stays all over this couch staying naked.  

Featuring: Zoli
Friday January 3, 2014

Here is a fun and flirty set with Jesse Lee on this muscle car.  Its is so steamy with the backlit sun light and wind blowing in her hair.  Check out the whole set.  So good. 

Featuring: Jesse Lee D
Thursday January 2, 2014

Have you looked at both sets I shot of Eden when I was in Berlin?  Check them out again HERE.  

Featuring: Eden
Wednesday January 1, 2014

Here is a great behind the scenes video of Amanda and Evelyn making out in an old phone both.  Super cute and sexy.  Watch it.  

Featuring: Evelyn, Amanda