Friday January 29, 2010

Mandy is too hot and her boobs are so big that it is hard to find a good bikini top.  But it does look good on her, too small or not.  Plus she doesn't keep it on long during this set.  

Featuring: Mandy
Thursday January 28, 2010

I met this super cutie new model Marlo thru Nicotine.  We were emailing each other a couple months ago and now we finally got to shoot. What a great shoot too.  I love these hot pink stocking she wore and her lamb tattoo.  Wait to see more images on this hot lady.  

Featuring: Marlo
Wednesday January 27, 2010

This is a great BTS of Steam and I working together.  She moves around on the floor just enough to make super sexy images.  I join her on the floor to show her how I'm shooting her, cause she looks so damn hot.  

Featuring: Steam
Tuesday January 26, 2010

This is such an innocent yet flirty picture of Rogizoid.  I love looking at her cute little butt as she looks over her shoulder at us.  Naked girls rule.

Featuring: Rogizoid
Monday January 25, 2010

I met Jade as we were both hired to shoot for Penthouse.  One of the great things about shooting for Penthouse is that sets they don't take me and my model get to keep for our sites.  So its almost like you get a whole batch of outtakes.  This set was the very first set i shot of Jade.  I love her red vintage looking lingerie from Agent Provocateur.  

Featuring: Jade
Friday January 22, 2010

These tow beautiful women look great together outside.  Zoli is tattooed and pierced and Jelena is taking charge.  This set if so sexy with the two of them pealing off each others lingerie.  And being naked outside is always HOT.  

Featuring: Zoli, Jelena
Thursday January 21, 2010

As I have said before, real sex happens on my shoots some times.  This time it was with Justine and Jessie Lee.  I usually just get very quiet and make beautiful pictures of them going at it.  This is of course an example.  HOT!

Featuring: Jessie Lee, Justine
Wednesday January 20, 2010

I showed you some of this video of Justine and Darenzia a couple months ago.  The two of them are so cute together to shoot.  They have great chemistry and humor between them.  A must watch video.  

Featuring: Justine, Darenzia
Tuesday January 19, 2010

I have a couple themes in my work.  Boxing women in with spaces is one of them.  And I did it again with this stair case, with the sexy Mia and Kayla.  I love that Mia looks so dirty with her stocking still on, and Kayla is wrapped around her. Hot girls

Featuring: Kayla, Mia
Monday January 18, 2010

This was the very first set I ever shot with Madison.  I remember being so exited about her real red pubs and her amazing toned ass.  She is different from my other models cause she can throw on a pair of granny panties and still look innocent and naughty all at the same time.  This a a great set, check it out.  

Featuring: Madison
Friday January 15, 2010

Here is my very last set of Krista Anye.  So sad, I wish I could shoot her again, but she has retired from shooting naked photos.  Really too bad, cause she is such a sexy lady.  But this set was worth the wait. 

Featuring: Krista
Thursday January 14, 2010

Emily brought out this Agent Provocateur lingerie that was crotch-less and wrapped around her breasts.  It was non lingerie, didn't cover anything.  And damn it is sexy.  Like having on clothes and being naked at the same time.  And I love this shot of her just waiting on the end of the bed.  You fill in the blanks.  

Featuring: Emily
Wednesday January 13, 2010

I love shooting with Jessie Lee.  She has a great sense of humor and an amazing rack.  She has this classically beautiful face and tattooed body. This video is funny, just the little things she does is great and funny.  Check it out.  

Featuring: Jessie Lee
Tuesday January 12, 2010

Lexie is one smoking hot babe, she is all woman.  I have some many hot shots of her that I can't wait to post sets for you.  But you just get teaser photos now.  Enjoy.  

Featuring: Lexie
Monday January 11, 2010

I got to shoot the lovely Stephy when I shot for Karin&Raoul.  This set is all about her fishnets and a regular step ladder.  She has a very cute all natural body, with a great round ass and perky boobs.  And her face is so innocent with a touch of sex.  What a sexy set.  

Featuring: Stephy
Sunday January 10, 2010

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Featuring: Stephy
Friday January 8, 2010

This is s a great set of Jelena with the sunlight lighting up her perfect curves as she takes off her sexy baby blue lingerie.  Check it out

Featuring: Jelena
Thursday January 7, 2010

Here is another super hot brand new photo of Justene.  We shot at my friends place and the only thing hanging is his closet was this planet, so of course i had to stick Justene in there too.  So cute and funny.  

Featuring: Justene
Wednesday January 6, 2010

This is a super cute BTS video of Masuimi.  She walks around naked in my friends backyard and then rolls around naked in his bed.  The video is so sexy and cute.  Masuimi is always fun too shoot.  

Featuring: Masuimi
Tuesday January 5, 2010

These are 2 new girls to Stagg Street, the very lovely Mia and Kayla.  I shot them for Penthouse and here are some of the out takes.  Super sexy and fun girls.  More of them to come.  

Featuring: Kayla, Mia
Monday January 4, 2010

Justine is so fun to shoot, as you already know.  She takes it all off besides her baby blue socks.  And she even watches herself in the mirror in the basement of the Box. You can see the BTS Here, posted a couple months ago.  

Featuring: Justine
Friday January 1, 2010

Renee look so sexy in this brown tank top and no panties.  So simple and sexy.  Check out this set and her whole peek a boo show. 

Featuring: Renee