Wednesday August 30, 2017

You like watching two women making out you will love this behind the scenes video of Kayla and Mia. 

Featuring: Kayla, Mia
Wednesday August 23, 2017

Shooting in an empty pool is a great location.  I love all the images of Lily I got in this pool.  The behind the scenes video is fun too.  Watch it.

Featuring: Lily
Wednesday August 16, 2017

I just looked up and realized I never posted these behind the scenes video of Kacie.  This was such a fun shoot in this sleeper van.  Watch this video. 

Featuring: Kacie
Wednesday August 9, 2017

Ellem brought these assless stockings to our shoot and it was so much fun to work with both her and these cool stockings.  Watch this behind the scenes video from this awesome shoot. 

Featuring: Ellem
Wednesday August 2, 2017

I posted this set of of Charlotte on my Patreon, now here is the BTS video.  She looks so amazing in this set and video.  You should see them both!!

Featuring: Charlotte
Wednesday July 26, 2017

You need to watch this behind the scenes video with Jelena, its hot and fun. 

Featuring: Jelena
Wednesday July 19, 2017

Getting naked outside is the best, and doing it with Ellem was amazing.  Watch this behind thw scenes video from our shoot. 

Featuring: Ellem
Wednesday July 12, 2017

I met to post this last week, but I ended up getting busy visiting with my family and had no time to work.  But all good things come to those who wait, and Alexis Ford getting naked in front of American Flag is just that.  Watch this behind the scenes video from our shoot.  

Featuring: Alexis
Wednesday June 28, 2017

I only shot with Veronica once, and we shot three sets, but it was so much fun.  Here is a behind the scenes video from our shoot on this stair case.  

Featuring: Veronica
Wednesday June 21, 2017

I almost forgot about this behind the scenes video. I usually have my interns edit video, and I haven't had that many interns recently.  I found it on my hard drive and I need to edit the other ones, but time is never on my side.  But here it is, a behind the scenes video of London from our shoot last summer.    The set I already posted.  Enjoy. 

Featuring: London