Wednesday April 24, 2019

Brand new behind the scenes video of Charlotte from our last sexy shoot.  See how much fun we have together working. 

Featuring: Charlotte
Wednesday April 17, 2019

I love working with Bette as you can tell in this video.  Watch it now.

Featuring: Bette
Wednesday April 10, 2019

Its so awesome to have behind the scenes videos again.  This one of Ryan in a backyard in LA.  Watch it now!

Featuring: Ryan
Wednesday April 3, 2019

I love this set of Ashlee and now you can watch us making it.  Great behind the scenes video from our shoot. 

Featuring: Ashley
Wednesday March 27, 2019

I'm so happy to have bts videos again, and you will see how much fun Arabelle and I had while we shot.  Watch now!

Featuring: Arabelle
Wednesday March 20, 2019

I finally am able to post videos again.  Long story short, this site and the amount of work I put into it its hard to keep up with.  But behind the scenes videos are back. And this one of Audrey in a hammock is such a fun video and beautiful set of photos.  I love working with her and now you get to see the magic together. 

Featuring: Audrey
Wednesday August 30, 2017

You like watching two women making out you will love this behind the scenes video of Kayla and Mia. 

Featuring: Kayla, Mia
Wednesday August 23, 2017

Shooting in an empty pool is a great location.  I love all the images of Lily I got in this pool.  The behind the scenes video is fun too.  Watch it.

Featuring: Lily
Wednesday August 16, 2017

I just looked up and realized I never posted these behind the scenes video of Kacie.  This was such a fun shoot in this sleeper van.  Watch this video. 

Featuring: Kacie
Wednesday August 9, 2017

Ellem brought these assless stockings to our shoot and it was so much fun to work with both her and these cool stockings.  Watch this behind the scenes video from this awesome shoot. 

Featuring: Ellem