Tuesday April 21, 2009

Frank 151 is just about to come out with their Erotica issue who the one and only Lysa Cooper art directed.  It is an amazing issue, as I received some early copies.  Naked ladies galore.  I had teh pleasure to shoot my first real suspension story with Justine Joli, Ariel, Nicole, Darenzia and Krista-Ayne.  It was styled by Kate Erwin, make up by Mizu, hair by Alison McClellan and location and bondage bed owned and made by Sullivan Walsh.  This is a special set for members with out takes that aren't in the magazine.  But if you want to get a copy of the mag stop by the Chop Shop in a couple weeks and they will have plenty.  

Featuring: Ariel, Justine, Darenzia, Nicole, Krista