Friday August 7, 2009

My friend Kerin has this accessories line A-Morir that I love. She offered her amazing sunglasses to me to shoot the beautiful Ariel in, which Ariel did all her own sexy make up.   We even used organic non-toxic nail polishes from Priti.  I have a career in shooting commercial photography for the past 10 plus years, but I haven't had the chance to cross over my erotic work with fashion yet.  I love these shots cause it shows the best of both my worlds. I posted about this on the Mishka Blog, but I only posted the PG-13 images on there.  I kept the NC-17 images for my members, all 27 of them.  Enjoy all the bright colors and cool accessories that Kerin, Ariel and I made for your viewing pleasure.  

Featuring: Ariel