Friday May 18, 2018

Penny is so beautiful and fun to work with.  This studio had all these flowers and asked if we wanted to shoot.  Penny and I came up with this magic, including beautiful film images that you can only see on my Patreon

Featuring: Penny
Tuesday April 11, 2017

Spring has sprung and Penny is flowers is all you need. There is more of these images on my Patreon, check it out!

Featuring: Penny
Monday October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!! I shot this witchy set with Penny a couple years ago when I was shooting her for an art show that had a witch theme.  The witch themed art show I showed a multiple exposure on film.  During that shoot on film we decided to shoot some digital images too, which I realized are so sexy and fun for Halloween.  In a park, with a pentagram made from salt, sage, knife and candles.  Penny is always a pleasure to shoot, and she is the best blue head I have ever met.  

Featuring: Penny
Monday May 18, 2015

I love shooting with Penny, she is so fun and adventurous. We shot in a park and she kept climbing up this tree and rolling around in the grass.  Check out the whole fun in nature set. 

Featuring: Penny
Thursday September 11, 2014

Shooting Penny outside just seemed to be a perfect match.  She was hanging so much fun climbing trees in her birthday suit. She is such a sexy tree fairy.  

Featuring: Penny
Tuesday September 9, 2014

I had to do a new shoot for an upcoming art show and I asked Penny to be my model.  The art show is witch based so I asked Penny to get a bit witchy.  This shot isn't for the show, but it sure is sexy to show off to all of you!

Featuring: Penny
Monday August 11, 2014

Here is the last set of Amanda, Penny and Marlo at the Area book release party.  Penny gets some alone time during this set, but also has some time with Marlo and Amanda.  Its just as hot as the past 2 sets.  Check it out. 

Featuring: Penny, Marlo, Amanda
Friday August 8, 2014

Here is part 2 of the Area book release party.  This set we brought Penny in to join Marlo and Amanda.  You want to see what 3 hot topless girls do in a public bathroom?  This set is way too much fun, including a glory hole!

Featuring: Penny, Marlo, Amanda
Thursday November 14, 2013

Here is an other sexy shot of Marlo in the fake bathroom from the Book launch gallery opening, but this time its with new comer to the site Penny.  And Penny is great addition.  These sexy ladies are posing with the fake condom machine, which was so cute more bathrooms need pink condom machines.  

Featuring: Penny, Marlo