Friday January 13, 2017

The last time I worked with Marlo we shot a couple fun sets in Brooklyn.  This is one of those sets.  Simple and yet so much going on. Like a quite Sunday morning.  

Featuring: Marlo
Monday November 21, 2016

If I die tomorrow I hope everyone remembers me for this set.  Three women, nude outside, its to me perfect.  Marlo, Darenzia and Justine work so well together, and the sun is setting perfectly on these images.  

Featuring: Darenzia, Justine, Marlo
Monday July 11, 2016

You may have seen this video interview I did with Marlo years ago for Karmaloop. Here is the full set from that shoot.  Posing nude on a fire escape and playing with fire.  Its one hot set.  Check it out.  

Featuring: Marlo
Friday April 3, 2015

This set is from so long ago, Marlo was still living in LA and she met Charlotte the first time on this shoot.  On a roof top in Downtown LA, bright and sunny, Charlotte and Marlo have so much fun together.  Check out the whole set.  

Featuring: Marlo, Charlotte
Monday August 11, 2014

Here is the last set of Amanda, Penny and Marlo at the Area book release party.  Penny gets some alone time during this set, but also has some time with Marlo and Amanda.  Its just as hot as the past 2 sets.  Check it out. 

Featuring: Penny, Marlo, Amanda
Friday August 8, 2014

Here is part 2 of the Area book release party.  This set we brought Penny in to join Marlo and Amanda.  You want to see what 3 hot topless girls do in a public bathroom?  This set is way too much fun, including a glory hole!

Featuring: Penny, Marlo, Amanda
Monday August 4, 2014

I was apart of a live photo shoot with my models and here is the first of 3 sets from that night.  This set is of Marlo and Amanda and all 3 sets are shot in this fake bathroom that is supposed to represent the club Area back in the 80's.  This was so much fun. I want to do more shoots like this.  We had a huge crowd around us and took some super sexy and fun pics.  Check it out. 

Featuring: Marlo, Amanda
Monday June 2, 2014

I got to shot Marlo and Charlotte together in LA years ago.  They have similar bodies but one is a California blonde and the other dark and goth like.  They had the best chemistry together, check out the whole set. 

Featuring: Charlotte, Marlo
Wednesday March 12, 2014

This is a very fun behind the scenes video of Marlo.  She has fun lingerie she takes off for the camera.  Watch it. 

Featuring: Marlo
Friday January 31, 2014

I need to get out of this snow in NYC, so I thought posting this set of Justine, Marlo and Darenzia at a lake up state NYC from a couple years ago in the sun.  This set I have been saving forever and its perfect.  This is the least sexy of all the images and it's so cute.  The rest of the set is very naked and very naughty.  Check it out.  

I also have to take a break from the site.  I have a ton of other projects that need more time from me.  If you don't see any new posts for February, I'm sorry but need to finish some fun videos that you will all Love.   Please check out the archives in the mean time.  There is roughly 11,000 images and 250 videos.   Check them all out again and thanks for understanding the break.  

Featuring: Marlo, Justine, Darenzia
Monday December 16, 2013

This set was shot last spring at a friends place in Brooklyn.  I love shooting with mirrors, its like two for one with the model. And having two Marlos is super sexy.  Including when she is naked thru the whole set besides her heels.  Check it out.  

Featuring: Marlo
Thursday November 14, 2013

Here is an other sexy shot of Marlo in the fake bathroom from the Book launch gallery opening, but this time its with new comer to the site Penny.  And Penny is great addition.  These sexy ladies are posing with the fake condom machine, which was so cute more bathrooms need pink condom machines.  

Featuring: Penny, Marlo
Tuesday November 12, 2013

I was hired to do a live shoot at a book launch gallery opening last week.  And for my live shoot I got the sexiest models to play all over this fake bathroom.  This shot is of Amanda and Marlo together as I was shooting them over the stall.  It was so much fun and a bit weird as all these party people were taking picture over my shoulders of the girls.  

Featuring: Marlo, Amanda
Thursday October 31, 2013

I couple years ago I posted this set of Charlotte and Marlo in nothing but a mask and bunny ears for Halloween.  So look at that set again HERE and have fun with dressing up for Halloween.  

Featuring: Marlo, Charlotte
Monday October 7, 2013

I got to shoot with Marlo and Athena at Stockroom and I saw this big cargo box. Of course I put them in there instead of using the kinky toys around the studio.  Its such a fun set, I even made a cute Vine of it.  But to really see the pics you must see them here.  

Featuring: Marlo, Athena
Thursday September 12, 2013

I forgot to post this sexy teaser image of Marlo when we shot a while ago.  But it was worth the wait.  

Featuring: Marlo
Wednesday August 28, 2013

Watch this super fun video with Marlo.  Always great to shoot with her and you can see why in this behind the scenes video.  

Featuring: Marlo
Friday July 19, 2013

Shooting naked ladies by bodies of water make them look like sexy washed up mermaids.  This set is just like that, sexy Darenzia and Marlo touch each other all over naked by the water. So summery and sexy.  

Featuring: Darenzia, Marlo
Wednesday June 19, 2013

This is such a fun and sexy behind the scenes video of Charlotte and Marlo.  They loved shooting together, now watch the video that proves it. 

Featuring: Marlo, Charlotte
Thursday May 30, 2013

I still have many sets of Marlo to retouch that you haven't seen yet, but maybe you should check out some of the older ones HERE again. I have shot her solo and with other amazing models.  She looks gorgeous in every photo and you won't disappoint.  

Featuring: Marlo
Tuesday April 2, 2013

I love shooting with mirrors, they always give a skewed looked to who I'm shooting and make me think about different ways to photograph them.  This photo of Marlo looks like a photo in a photo, framing her against the window.  So pretty and quiet.  

Featuring: Marlo
Thursday March 21, 2013

I haven't shoot with Marlo also in a super long time, but now that she is back in NYC we got to work together again.  This photo makes her look like sleeping beauty, where is her prince to wake her up?

Featuring: Marlo
Wednesday January 16, 2013

Shooting with Marlo and Charlotte together was so much fun.  They are each others light and dark, on so many levels. Watch this behind the scenes video from our shoot.  

Featuring: Marlo, Charlotte
Friday January 4, 2013

Its Marlos birthday today so to celebrate here is a full set of her bathing naked in a outside shower.  Each pic is wetter and sexier then the next. Check them all out.  

Featuring: Marlo
Monday December 10, 2012

Stockroom has to be one of sexiest places to shop in LA.  But its even more fun when you have a friend/model work there and let you borrow outfits for shoots. Athena works at Stockroom and at the time of this shoot she had knee surgery a couple days before.  So she suggested that her and Marlo dress up in these extremely sexy latex nurse outfits as Marlo takes care of Athena's broken self.  Or is it that Athena ends up taking care of Marlo?  Check out the whole set to figure it out. 

Featuring: Marlo, Athena
Friday November 23, 2012

I got to shoot these two beauties on a boot worship bench that Sullivan Walsh made.  Justine and Marlo have such great chemistry together while Marlo starts this set out on top with Justine worshiping her boots and then the tables change with Marlo getting spanked naked. Check the whole set out, location, ladies and wardrobe is top notch.  

Featuring: Marlo, Justine
Friday October 26, 2012

Marlo and Charlotte and the dark and light versons of each other. They are about the same height with extremely simular bodies, small on top and big huge round perfect butts on bottom.  These are white girls to shout about.  Also this set is an extra 27 images long, cause I couldn't retouch any less images as they are all way too hot. Check them out. 

Featuring: Marlo, Charlotte
Wednesday September 12, 2012

Malro and Charlotte are just meeting for the first time in this behind the scenes video.  They might look a bit different, but i you look closer they are very simular.  Long hair, sexy skinny bodies and big butts for white girls. You'll love this video, watch now. 

Featuring: Marlo, Charlotte
Wednesday August 8, 2012

Watch these sexy ladies in latex nurse outfits pose with each other in this behind the scenes video.   And Athena crutches are real and Marlo has to take care of her.  So sexy.  

Featuring: Athena, Marlo
Wednesday June 13, 2012

I put Marlo and Athena in a big box and they look super hot. Their skin tones go so well with the wood in the box.  Check out this whole behind the scenes video form our shoot.  

Featuring: Marlo, Athena
Friday June 8, 2012

Here is an other beauty that will be performing at the 100th model party at the end of the month, Marlo!  She looks so damn sexy in her suspenders, gloves and sock garters.  Check out the whole set.  

Featuring: Marlo
Wednesday April 25, 2012

You may have watched the SFW video on with Marlo eating fire, but here is the video where she gets naked for my site while eating fire.  So HOT!!!

Featuring: Marlo
Monday April 23, 2012

I got to take 3 of my favorite girls upstate New York to shoot outside in nature and it was one of the best photo trips ever.  Here is one of the 8 sets from the trip where Justine and Marlo by a lake getting naked and making out.  It is such a sexy set.  I love shooting naked girls outside.  

Featuring: Marlo, Justine
Friday April 13, 2012

I love lingerie and in pale pink its so sweet and innocent.  But on Marlo and Crash its just plan naughty.  Including when they are touching each other all over.  Check out the whole set.  

Featuring: Crash, Marlo
Tuesday February 14, 2012

These too look so awesome together with their similar bodies but totally two different looks.  Marlo with her dark hair and pale skin and Charlotte with her tan lines and blonde hair.  So sexy.  

Featuring: Marlo, Charlotte
Friday January 6, 2012

This set of Marlo is so classic and beautiful in her sexy vintage style fishnets and bright yellow stockings.  She is also on a beautiful bondage bed made by Walsh Metal Works.  Check out the whole set.  

Featuring: Marlo
Thursday December 8, 2011

I got so many great sets of Marlo and Charlotte when I was out in LA.  Here is an other teaser of one of those sexy sets.  Corsets, collars and ponytails. 

Featuring: Marlo, Charlotte
Thursday November 17, 2011

Shooting Charlotte and Marlo together was beyond perfect, they are so similar and different makes for the best Girl/Girl shoots.  They are way to sexy and cute together.  More to come. 

Featuring: Marlo, Charlotte
Monday October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!! To celebrate I have this very sexy set of Marlo and Charlotte in a Lamb mask and Bunny ears and besides shoes totally naked.  This is the best way to celebrate Halloween with naked girls all dressed up like cute animals.  Check out the whole set and have a fun night.  

Featuring: Marlo, Charlotte
Thursday October 27, 2011

I love putting pretty girls in a box.  But two of them in one box is a bonus.  Athena and Marlo look so good together in their big box.  

Featuring: Marlo, Athena
Tuesday October 18, 2011

I had the best shoot with Marlo and Athena dressed up as nurses in latex.  Athena crutches are real too, she had knee surgery.  Hotness.  

Featuring: Marlo, Athena
Tuesday September 20, 2011

Did you know Marlo plays with Fire?  Well she blows it, eats it and poses with it.  How hot is that?  I mean really sexy and smoking fire hot.  

Featuring: Marlo
Tuesday August 30, 2011

We are loosing my dear friend and model Marlo to LA, where most of my other models live.  She is on a plane today to go live there and leaving NYC.  So of course we had to do a typical NYC shoot on a fire escape.  Heres to you Marlo, see you on the west coast.  

Featuring: Marlo
Friday April 29, 2011

I love this set.  Not only does it include some of may favorite models, Justine, Marlo and Darenzia but they are all naked with just heels on outside.  Outside shoots will always be my favorite.  Being naked in natural and what better way then to be in nature.  This set is not one to miss.  

Featuring: Marlo, Justine, Darenzia
Tuesday March 29, 2011

I got to shoot the very lovely Marlo again at the Way Station for the Wasabassco Burlesque poster, seen here.  Marlo is quickly becoming one of my favorite models and I can never get enough.  More to come. 

Featuring: Marlo
Friday March 18, 2011

Don't you want to go inside Marlos big barn?  Join her for this whole set as she has fun at the farm.  And then come and see both of us tonight HERE!

Featuring: Marlo
Monday March 14, 2011

I shot this poster for this Fridays Doc Wasabassco Burlesque show at City Winery in NYC.  There is also an amazing full set that goes with this photo shoot.  You get to see Nasty, Marlo & Stormy naked days before the show.  Check the whole thing out and I'll see you on Friday.  

Featuring: Stormy, Nasty, Marlo
Wednesday February 9, 2011

Three naked ladies outside with only pumps on in one video?!?!?! Well Justine, Marlo and Darenzia make it happen.  You know you want to watch them touch each other in this video.  

Featuring: Marlo, Justine, Darenzia
Friday February 4, 2011

These two girls look so amazing together.  The dark hair on Marlo and the red hair on Crash with these big see thru panties what a great pair.  Plus the chemistry is perfect. The whole set is great, check it out. 

Featuring: Marlo, Crash
Wednesday January 26, 2011

More great BTS video of our upstate trip.  I love these pics of Marlo coming out of an big barn on the farm we we staying at.  Fun times

Featuring: Marlo
Wednesday December 29, 2010

My upstate summer trip was the best.  I brought such sexy ladies and made some amazing contents.  Marlo and Darenzia set is so amazing and this one by the lake was great.  Check out how funny and sexy they are. 

Featuring: Darenzia, Marlo
Wednesday December 8, 2010

I had one of my best photo trips upstate New York during the summer with my lovely models Marlo and Justine.  And how hot is it when they both get naked and touch each other on a private island next to a lake where every boat passing by can see?  Check out the video so you can see how sexy it really is.  

Featuring: Justine, Marlo
Friday November 19, 2010

I do a calendar every year with Mishka and tonight is the release of the 2011.  I will be at the Mishka Store signing with Marlo.  I wanted to post this set of her so you know how hot she really is and to see if you wanted to join us.  Details to the event HERE.  

And Buy you Calendar HERE

Featuring: Marlo
Wednesday November 17, 2010

You have to love watching a girl taking a shower and an outdoor shower is the best cause there is no steam to blur your vision.  But watching Marlo takes showers the best.  Watch her wiggle around in the shower.  Fun and sexy video. 

Featuring: Marlo
Wednesday November 3, 2010

My dear friend Sullivan Walsh made this amazing boot worship bench so of course I brought Marlo and Justine by to shoot with it.  Marlo even steps on Justines head.  Check out the full video.  

Featuring: Marlo, Justine
Thursday September 16, 2010

Whenever I see an outdoor shower I have to shoot a sexy naked lady in it. Cause with an outdoor shower the girl can stay super warm with hot water and it doesn't steam up my lens.  Plus, there is something so exhibitionist about Marlo cleaning herself with nothing but nature around her. 

Featuring: Marlo
Tuesday August 31, 2010

Three hot naked ladies on a pier on a lake up state.  How hot is Darenzia, Marlo and Justine?  Good times

Featuring: Marlo, Justine, Darenzia
Thursday August 19, 2010

Here is an other amazing image from my trip up state with Marlo and Justine.  How hot are they together on this lake all naked and beautiful? 

Featuring: Marlo, Justine
Thursday August 5, 2010

Ok be a little jealous.  I got to shoot Darenzia, Marlo and Justine together outside and very naked.  Wait to you see the rest of this set as they are all touching each other as the sun was setting.  Hot stuff!

Featuring: Marlo, Justine, Darenzia
Tuesday August 3, 2010

I really did bring back the sexiest content form the upstate trip.  I mean look at Marlo and Darenzia together.  They look like mermaids coming out of the water just to fondle each other.  Naked outside is the best. 

Featuring: Marlo, Darenzia
Thursday July 29, 2010

Here is an other shot pic from upstate of Marlo coming out of this huge barn.  What else can I say besides Beautiful!

Featuring: Marlo
Tuesday July 6, 2010

My dear friend Sullivan Walsh made this amazing and very sexy boot worship bench.  So of course when he told me I could shoot with it I called up Justine and Marlo.  I got some really sexy images of these beautiful women on this sexy bench.  Many more to come. 

Featuring: Marlo, Justine
Wednesday June 30, 2010

You may have seen some photos for Marlo and Crash floating around, but video of their amazing chemistry is a whole other thing.  You know you want to watch Marlo touch Crash and Crash touch Marlo.  Hotness. 

Featuring: Marlo, Crash
Monday May 31, 2010

I'm so happy that I know Marlo and she is one of my models.  Is has this sleepy bitchy look and in person she is a total sweet heart.  Her body is great and she knows how to move it in pictures.  This set is amazing as she get naked in this large window looking over Brooklyn and the East River, but keeps her stockings and red pumps on.  Maybe if you were lucky that day you could have looked up and sen her.  

Featuring: Marlo
Tuesday April 13, 2010

I love all the pics I took of Marlo and Crash together, so of course I have to share an other one with you.  How sexy is Marlos legs and hands wrapped around Crash's naked butt?  I wonder what Crash is whispering in Marlos ear?  Must be good.  

Featuring: Marlo, Crash
Thursday March 25, 2010

I just recently met and shot with Marlo for the first time in January.  Right after we shot together she introduced me to Crash.  So of course when Crash was in town from Vegas over the week I had to shoot the both of them together.  So much fun.  They look so great together and it was hard to take a bad pic of the two of them.  Plus, I love having super hot new girls for Stagg Street with Crash.  

Featuring: Crash, Marlo
Tuesday February 9, 2010

I love shooting girls in spaces that make them look small.  This window is huge and Marlo looks so cute and in it.  I love her bright red heels and thigh high stocking.  What a great teaser image.  

Featuring: Marlo
Thursday January 28, 2010

I met this super cutie new model Marlo thru Nicotine.  We were emailing each other a couple months ago and now we finally got to shoot. What a great shoot too.  I love these hot pink stocking she wore and her lamb tattoo.  Wait to see more images on this hot lady.  

Featuring: Marlo