Monday June 5, 2017

I'm BACK!!! I was basically out of town and busy shooting from Memorial day weekend through this past Monday.  I was in Vegas at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Tournament of the Teese.  It was s full weekend of cheering and celebrating my models and friends in Burlesque.  One of my models I saw and was Ivory, who won Queen last year and performed with the House of Noire and her step down act.  And I hung out with Nina, who is also in this set.  It was a blast and I can't wait to go back year.  Check out all the naked of Ivory and Nina in this set we shot last summer.  

Featuring: Ivory, Nina
Monday March 6, 2017

Who doesn't love old wood paneling?  Its so classic and yet very dirty 70's basement.  And then shooting two sexy ladies with red heels on naked with this wood paneling is the best. Evelyn and Ivory make this look so good in the easiest way. 

Featuring: Evelyn, Ivory
Friday December 9, 2016

Its getting cold out there and all I can think about is wanting the summer back so I can take beautiful naked women into the woods and get them naked like this set of Nina and Ivory. They are like perfect wood fairies, sparkling and beautiful in nature.  

Featuring: Ivory, Nina
Thursday September 1, 2016

I can't wait to retouch all these pics of Nina and Ivory, so sexy and fun.  

Featuring: Ivory, Nina
Thursday August 25, 2016

Two sexy women in the woods naked together?!?!? Nina and Ivory look so good together naked.  

Featuring: Ivory, Nina
Thursday August 18, 2016

Ivory gives the best face, always a fierce wild child.  Climbing around in nature, not worrying about getting all dirty.  

Featuring: Ivory
Thursday August 11, 2016

Ivory and I shot a bunch together a couple years ago and then we lost touch.  I have no idea why, but living in NYC people get busy.  So when Ivory wanted to work with me again of course I got super excited.  And this time around she brought Nina with her.  Two sexy ladies outside, what an amazing day to shoot.  

Featuring: Ivory, Nina
Monday June 27, 2016

Recently Ivory won the Burlesque Hall of Fame title of Queen and I remembered that I had this lovely set of her I never posted.  So here it is, all naked and outside by this amazing waterfall.  

Featuring: Ivory
Friday November 13, 2015

Bella lives in upstate MA and ask me to visit.  I brought Ivory and Evelyn with me and we had some great shoots on location up there.  This set is in an old warehouse at dusk and it was so much fun to shoot.  Check out all the nakedness.  

Featuring: Bella, Evelyn, Ivory
Monday March 23, 2015

I love shooting my models outside and this sexy set is so perfect of Ivory getting in touch with her wild side.  Naked with a leash and collar on in the grass.  Check out all the pics.  

Featuring: Ivory
Monday April 7, 2014

I took these two lovely ladies to upstate Mass to shoot and we found this abandoned wood panel room.  Of course I had to shoot there. And Evelyn and Ivory looked so good against this warm wood and their warm skin.  Such a  sexy set, check it out. 

Featuring: Ivory, Evelyn
Monday November 11, 2013

I took Evelyn and Ivory upstate to visit Bella and we took the sexiest photos outside.  This set Bella wanted to be the master to her sexy pets Evelyn and Ivory. She is takes charge of them with collars and leashes.  Its super hot, Check it out. 

Featuring: Ivory, Evelyn, Bella
Tuesday September 24, 2013

Here is a fun teaser from Ivory by herself naked next to a waterfall.  Sexy little pin up.  

Featuring: Ivory
Tuesday September 10, 2013

Here is an other fun teaser from our trip to Western Mass, naked picnicking with Bella, Evelyn and Ivory. They were drinking pink champagne and eating yummy food Bella made by a waterfall. How magical is that, I know you want to join.  

Featuring: Ivory, Evelyn, Bella
Tuesday August 20, 2013

I love this photo. Bella is walking the two sexiest, fiercest and beautiful woman ever, Evelyn and Ivory.  This photo makes me scared and excited with all the nakedness outside in the grass.  More to come. 

Featuring: Ivory, Evelyn, Bella
Thursday August 8, 2013

I took this lovely lady, Ivory, to upstate Mass and we got to shoot some super sexy images outside in a naked friendly park. She was right at home acting like a wild cat in the grass.  You can tell she was loving getting dirty with her bad self. More to come.  

Featuring: Ivory
Thursday August 1, 2013

I love shooting with Evelyn and Ivory, they are always down to have fun.  This time I took them up to NW Mass and shot at night in this old wood panel office. It was so scary and thrilling. Both girl have amazing bodies and beautiful faces as you can see.  You can always see these lovely ladies perform with Wasabassco, so check them out. 

Featuring: Evelyn, Ivory
Monday January 21, 2013

I got to shoot 5 extremely sexy ladies in the back of this conversion van.  Nasty Canasta, Evelyn Vinyl, Gal Friday, Mala Morrigan and Poison Ivory are super naked and beyond sexy in this brightly lit bed in the back of the van.  Its look like you\'re going back in time to the 70's with this set.  You probably have seen the first half of this set on Friday, look at the second half which is just as good if not better. 

Featuring: Evelyn, Gal, Ivory, Mala, Nasty
Friday January 18, 2013

If you're in the NYC area you must come to the the Wasabassco 70's themed van show this Sunday, Jan 20th at 8pm.  And to wet your whistle here is a bunch of the ladies performing on Sunday in the Buff: Nasty Canasta, Evelyn Vinyl, Gal Friday, Poison Ivory and Mala Morrigan.  5 naked women in one full set.  And after the show on Monday I\'m going to post the 2nd half of this set. Conversion van sexy time!!!

Featuring: Evelyn, Gal, Ivory, Mala, Nasty
Thursday December 20, 2012

Yes I got to shoot five beautiful ladies naked all at once, Evelyn Vinyl, Gal Friday, Nasty Canasta and new to the site Mala Morrigan and Poison Ivory. This extremely sexy pile was brought to me by Wasabassco Burlesque for a 70's themed van show on Jan 20th.  So this is a tease and taste of how sexy this show is going to be, mark your calendars.  

Featuring: Evelyn, Gal, Ivory, Mala, Nasty