Wednesday June 12, 2019

I only shot with the beautiful Beretta once and I love my shot with her.  Now you can watch this fun behind the scenes video from our only solo set, we shot one more with an other model. 

Featuring: Beretta
Friday March 25, 2016

Finding locations for shoots has always been my biggest problem. Sometimes I ask friends, or use the models place or I have a weird location that I'm not sure if it will work but it does.  

This was my hotel in SF's shower and I put Beretta and Dylan in here thinking the green tiles would be fun against their skin tones. I ended up really loving it as Beretta and Dylan have such great chemistry together. This set is hot, hot, hot!  Even though the shower isn't on it still gets very steamy.  

Featuring: Beretta, Dylan
Friday November 22, 2013

I was in SF last year in a funky little hotel that I brought Beretta and Dylan into.  The shower was this yucky mint green and I knew it would look so much better with 2 amazing naked ladies in it.  Beretta and Dylan had worked a lot together, so their chemistry was magical and so easy to work with. We shot this set so quickly and effortlessly but hot damn are the a cute couple.  Check out at the whole set. 

Featuring: Dylan, Beretta
Friday August 2, 2013

Beretta all be herself is so sexy and fun. She has a sly smile on her face this whole set. Stockings, heals and super cute lingerie.  Check out all the pics.  

Featuring: Beretta
Tuesday December 25, 2012

I love red nails on my models and I love when two of my models match with their red nails.  This teaser image is so sexy with Dylan and Beretta making out in the shower.  They were telling me they are each others porn wives and you can really see the chemistry in this one photo.  Many more sexy ones to come.  

Featuring: Dylan, Beretta
Tuesday November 27, 2012

Here is a very sexy new model to the site, Beretta.  I met her thru Jiz and Dylan which I'm so happy they introduced me to her.  Extremely sexy lady and I have more of her getting naked with Dylan coming soon.  

Featuring: Beretta