Monday August 31, 2009

I only got to shoot Mika Tan once in LA over a year ago.  She is such a sweet heart and really came thru when other girls were canceling on me.  This is such a hot set of her in my friends backyard rolling around in the grass.  

Featuring: Mika
Friday August 28, 2009

Jessie Lee came over and I had just got this new sweater in the mail.  I asked her to put it on, cause it looked so warm and cozy on a chili winter day.  The sun light came in thru my blinds and lit her up perfectly.  Check out this super warm and fuzzy set with Jessie Lee

Featuring: Jessie Lee
Thursday August 27, 2009

Shooting in an empty pool is so California.  And putting the hot skater girl naked in the pool couldn't get any better.  Zoli was the best naked girl to choose for the job.  

Featuring: Zoli
Wednesday August 26, 2009

I love shooting with Joanna she is such a sexy pocket model.  She is in a small package being 5 feet tall, but sure is on top of her game.  We talk about feature dancing, how she picked her stage name and just shooting sexy pictures.  She looks better then ever in this video.  

Featuring: Joanna
Tuesday August 25, 2009

I love shooting these to hot girls together.  Justine and Darenzia have similar skin tones and sexy lean bodies.  Plus you can see thru Darenzia's panties to where Justine fingers are going.  

Featuring: Darenzia, Justine
Monday August 24, 2009

Two Jelena's are always better then one, even if the second one is her reflection.  This set is all Jelena looking at her sexy self over and over again.  Its so hot to she a girls checking out her naked self.   

Featuring: Jelena
Friday August 21, 2009

Nyssa is a great bondage model tying herself up for me and gagging her self.  This set is so strong, with her in these blue pumps, lace lingerie and metal mouth gag.  She even picks up welding tools from the studio we shot in.  And drools all over herself while gagging on this metal gag and rope.  Super sexy the way she tortures herself for me.  

Featuring: Nyssa
Thursday August 20, 2009

These two girls are so sexy together.  I love looking at Renee peaking around Asa's hips at my camera as she pulls her panties off.  Renee looks like she is being sneaky but wanting me to watch her undress Asa.  And you can tell Asa loves it.

Featuring: Asa, Renee
Wednesday August 19, 2009

I'm so happy Steam found me and asked me to shoot with her.  She is a long sexy girl with this amazing think hair and beautiful booty.  This video will show all that off and you too would be happy that she contacted me too.  

Featuring: Steam
Tuesday August 18, 2009

You gotta love a girl who wears her glitter sneakers in bed.  Or how Mandys hair matches her nipples and stuff animal.  Even her pastel bed sheets with her big stuffed animal are as cute as she is.  You gotta love her.  

Featuring: Mandy
Monday August 17, 2009

This was the first time I met Ryan in person.  Little did I know we would become friends and she would become on of my muses.  I love this set cause it really brings me back to our first time hanging out about 2 years ago.  She wears all grey on a black couch but she is as colorful as ever.  Super sexy.  

Featuring: Ryan
Friday August 14, 2009

Oh Justine, how hot are you in your white bra and panty.  And I love that eyelet fabric, reminds me of my dolls clothes when I was little.  She sits in front of a Brooklyn window at my friends place and slowly strips off her lingerie giving the whole neighborhood a free show.  This set was filmed for The Stagg Party on IFC too, but this set is not to miss.  

Featuring: Justine
Thursday August 13, 2009

But of course Shay wouldn't fall off, just rock back and forth in all her beauty.  And look how long, and sexy she is on that hammock, don't you want to join her?

Featuring: Shay
Wednesday August 12, 2009

Here is a great video of Ariel looking as cute as she always does, wearing a red ribbon in her hair, hot red pumps and panty hoes that she cuts off with a knife and eposes her white cotton panties.  She looks like a good doll gone bad.  And as Ariel always says, girls who wear white cotton panties are sluts.  Ha ha ha

Featuring: Ariel
Tuesday August 11, 2009

I love shooting my models in point shoes.  I have only done it a couple times with Courtney, Shelby and Mosh.  But of course when Angela brought hers out, I wanted to shoot them again.  There is something so special about point shoes.  It reminds me of a naughty ballerina who likes to torture herself.  And Angela is great at looking super sexy wearing them. 

Featuring: Angela
Monday August 10, 2009

Here is one of the first shoots I ever did of Miss Joanna.  I was shooting her in the office building downtown LA, and I really liked this dirty boys room with lockers and a urinal.  She starts the set off by looking herself in the mirror and slowly taking off her top.  She is such a naughty girl for stripping in the little boys room.  

Featuring: Joanna
Friday August 7, 2009

My friend Kerin has this accessories line A-Morir that I love. She offered her amazing sunglasses to me to shoot the beautiful Ariel in, which Ariel did all her own sexy make up.   We even used organic non-toxic nail polishes from Priti.  I have a career in shooting commercial photography for the past 10 plus years, but I haven't had the chance to cross over my erotic work with fashion yet.  I love these shots cause it shows the best of both my worlds. I posted about this on the Mishka Blog, but I only posted the PG-13 images on there.  I kept the NC-17 images for my members, all 27 of them.  Enjoy all the bright colors and cool accessories that Kerin, Ariel and I made for your viewing pleasure.  

Featuring: Ariel
Thursday August 6, 2009

Shooting Charlotte is always fun.  She has this very dry sense of humor and is very sexy.  Plus, she is one of my very few blondes I shoot, which is strange since everyone thinks the women who work in the adult business are stereotyped with blonde hair. She even curled her beautiful hair for my shoot.  Such a cute model.  

Featuring: Charlotte
Wednesday August 5, 2009

Here is a behind the scenes video of Mandy in her home on her bed with cotton panties and glitter sneakers on.  We talk about what's new with both of us and you can hear a little of her boyfriend in the background.  Watch her peel off all her clothes as we shoot.  

Featuring: Mandy
Tuesday August 4, 2009

A new picture of Jade on a friends roof in south Williamsburg.  You know there were tons of neighbors getting a free show of how naked and sexy Jade is.  You know they loved it, cause she sure loved giving it to them.  

Featuring: Jade
Monday August 3, 2009

I shot Jelena and Renee together when we were taping The Stagg Party.  It was my first time shooting Renee and Jelena's first time shooting with her too.  They look so good together, these sexy brunettes in white lingerie and their light glow of of there warm skin.  Super sexy set.  

Featuring: Renee, Jelena