Friday June 29, 2018

Its so hot outside, and bathing suits might even be too much clothing.  So of course Marlo and Charlotte have to take it all off to be comfortable in this heat.  Plus two hot naked ladies its hotter then the weather.

Featuring: Charlotte, Marlo
Thursday June 28, 2018

Freddie is otherworldly, sprayed in silver paint outside in the woods.  We had so much fun shooting together.  Can't wait to retouch more to show you.

Featuring: Freddie
Tuesday June 26, 2018

I have been working on some brand new work including shooting some amazing new models like Darlinda. We went out into the woods and made magic, with my digital camera and my film cameras, which you can see on my Patreon.  Do you see the surreal mirror covering Darlindas vulva? I have even been doing fun things with mirrors.  Can't wait to show you all more!

Featuring: Darlinda
Monday June 25, 2018

I love shooting outside as you know, and this set of Cheeky is just as magical. Super naked though out and in the woods. 

Featuring: Cheeky
Friday June 22, 2018

This is from the first time I shot with Madison and it was magical.  I love this set, and I wasn't even sure about the yellow dress and it was perfect.  As you will see from this set. 

Featuring: Madison
Monday June 18, 2018

These two legends couldn't be any hotter together. Jenna and Masuimi are some of the best ever and together it couldn't be better.  You will love this set. 

Featuring: Jenna, Masuimi
Friday June 15, 2018

Ariel and Jelena are not the tallest and shortest models I have ever shot, but at the time they basically were. I wanted to shoot these two together, as I loved the juxtaposition of their heights. And I was pleasantly surprised by how cool and different these photos were. As you will soon see.

Featuring: Ariel, Jelena
Monday June 11, 2018

The very first time I shot with Misti was when Bella brought her over. And as you can tell from this set its pure magic!!  Very sexy and very naked.

Featuring: Bella, Misti
Friday June 8, 2018

I loved shooting these two together. Charlotte and Justine are so hot and fun as they totally go down on one an other.  You will love this set.  Enjoy.

Featuring: Charlotte, Justine
Monday June 4, 2018

Sorry I skipped last week from posting, but long story short I got so busy on Vacation on Vegas staying in a place with terrible internet it was basically impossible. But I'm making it up to you with beautiful set of Aria!!! You will love every image of her rolling around at the beach in Hawaii. 

Featuring: Aria