Friday May 24, 2019

This window is so large and so bight it just looks like a white wall, but its now.  It makes Elena glow from behind as she wears this super cool mask and skirt.  Like nothing else. 

Featuring: Elena
Wednesday May 22, 2019

Its always fun to shoot with Ashlee, this time we shot at my apt in the window.  I posted this photo set HERE, and you can watch how these sexy photos get made. 

Featuring: Ashley
Monday May 20, 2019

I shot with Gigi only once with two sets this day. A group set I already posted and this solo one.  Its so magical and glowy in this forest in TN, like she was born there.  Gigi is beautiful and other worldly.

Featuring: GiGi LF
Friday May 17, 2019

I love this set so much, its beyond sexy.  Charlotte and Reena really love each other and you can see it in this set.

Featuring: Charlotte, Reena
Friday May 10, 2019

I'm going to see Jessie soon and haven't seen her in years.  I have been looking at some of our old work together and forgot how sexy this set with Jade is. Its amazing, and you will love it.

Featuring: Jade, Jessie Lee
Wednesday May 8, 2019

Its always fun to shoot more than one model at a time.  Mystere, Luxe and Daddy were so much fun to shoot together as you will see in the behind the scenes video. 

Featuring: Daddy, Luxe, Mystere
Monday May 6, 2019

I loved working with Justine.  She was always fun and super sexy. I loved this set and put it on the cover of my self published book.

Featuring: Justine
Friday May 3, 2019

I only shot with Kimberly once but got so many amazing photos from her.  She is such a great model as you can see here.  I loved shooting outside with her, you can almost see over the other side of balcony people could almost see her naked.  So naughty. 

Featuring: Kimberly
Wednesday May 1, 2019

I only got to work with Nikki once, but this set was so much fun.  I love using mirrors and outside is too cool.  YOU get to watch two Nikki's for the price of one.

Featuring: Nikki
Monday April 29, 2019

I love working with Madison, she is so adventurous sand sexy.  This location was so crazy with all these mannequins.  But Madison looks perfect next to them. 

Featuring: Madison