Monday February 26, 2018

This was shot back when I was filming my show The Stagg Party, which you can watch on my links page. I loved working with Mandy and Ariel together, they were about the same height and were totally into shooting together.  Super sexy and super cute at the same time. 

Featuring: Ariel, Mandy
Friday February 23, 2018

I have been lucky enough to work with this amazing woman already twice in the past year.  SweetPea is unlike any model I have ever worked with, she climbs a tree in heels in this set.  She is sexy and adventurous with only wanting to get the best photos ever.  She is amazing.  Like a wild cat you can't keep your eyes off of and she is also the nicest person too. 

Featuring: SweetPea
Thursday February 22, 2018

I posted this amazing set of Cheeky shot with real film to my Patreon, the only place where you can see my film work only. Check it out.

Monday February 19, 2018

I have had so much fun shooting with Crash over the years, but this set was our first. And sometimes you love you first most.  The sun was so perfect on this day and Crash makes it so easy to look sexy. 

Featuring: Crash
Sunday February 18, 2018

I just posted this set of Nikki with all these polaroids from the beach on my Patreon.  Super fun and sexy, check them out.

Featuring: Nikki S
Friday February 16, 2018

When you're a pro model you make lounging around an art.  Boo does just that in this set, and Boo is a professional art model, posing for the best painters in the world.  She knows her body better then most and makes it look so simple.  See this whole sexy set.

Featuring: Boo
Tuesday February 13, 2018

I love shooting with polaroids, and these of Jessa I posted on my Patreon are so magical.  Shot with a Diana polaroid back, so I was able to make multiple exposures.  My patreon is the only place to see all my film fine art work, go check it out. 

Featuring: Jessa
Monday February 12, 2018

This set is red hot, red hot red heads making love.  Justine and Madison are so hot in bed together.  You won't want to miss this set.

Featuring: Justine, Madison
Friday February 9, 2018

Sometimes models don't even need to talk before a shoot, but they end up bringing wardrobe that compliments each other perfectly.  That's what happened this day with Jade and Darenzia.  The pink and black lingerie and stocking went perfectly together. Just as perfectly as Darenzia and Jade work with each other. 

Featuring: Darenzia, Jade
Tuesday February 6, 2018

Have you seen all my film work that is only posted on my Patreon?  These magical real film images of Jenny are like nothing you have ever seen. Colored smoke bombs in a warm river with a very naked Jenny.  Multiple exposures shot with Holga 120mm, 35mm and mini Diana.  Don't miss these unreal images. 

Monday February 5, 2018

It was Nasty's birthday today and what better way to celebrate then to have her in her Birthday suit with one of her favorite people, Evelyn.  Plus they are outside frolicking in nature naked.  YAY!

Featuring: Evelyn, Nasty
Friday February 2, 2018

Now that January is over I feel like spring is just right around the corner, and I can get back out to shooting new content with naked ladies in nature.  Like this beautiful set of Abigial, frolicking outside by this big tree.  Its so magical, and free spirited.  Enjoy this full set. 

Featuring: Abigial