Monday February 28, 2011

Darenzia stays naked thru this whole set, but hides behind the leaves of these big indoor plants.  You can get a peak here and there when she hides less.  

Featuring: Darenzia
Friday February 25, 2011

I love Kendra and Nyssa together and they look good.  This set is so fun with them rolling around in the bed together and taking each other clothes off.  Check out every sexy pic.  

Featuring: Nyssa, Kendra
Thursday February 24, 2011

Such a rough place to put the sexy Kayla-Jane, but she is a tough one and can take it.  

Featuring: Kayla-Jane
Wednesday February 23, 2011

You may have already seen this hot photo set of Justine in this big shower. Here is the fun BTS video of that shoot.  Justine is so sexy and so much fun.  

Featuring: Justine
Tuesday February 22, 2011

For my Birthday this year Nice and Drew wanted to bring me yummy cupcakes.  Before I was aloud to eat them, they ate the icing off each other and of course I took pics.  

Featuring: Nic, Drew
Monday February 21, 2011

Yes its Charlotte and Reena together for a full set.  Dressed up all in their American Apparel and tall black boots as they take it off but cover them selves in each other.  Check out the whole set.  

Featuring: Reena, Charlotte
Friday February 18, 2011

This is such a hot set of Emily wearing lingerie thats barely lingerie. She keeps it all on, but its like its not even there.  Like a bunch of Lacey strings sewed together with a couple pink bows.  So cute and sexy.  Check out the whole set.  

Featuring: Emily
Thursday February 17, 2011

I got to shoot the lovely Mosh again over the weekend.  She was in NYC for about 24 hours and squeezed me in to shoot.  I'm so glad she did cause I got some amazing photos of her.  Like this one in latex thats she is taking off.  More to come.  

Featuring: Mosh
Wednesday February 16, 2011

You have seen the set of Rogizoid here.  Now watch and listen to what we gossip about when we shoot.  Like why we dress the way we do.  

Featuring: Rogizoid
Tuesday February 15, 2011

Lauren emailed me that she was going to be in NYC and wanted to shoot.  Of course I said yes.  This photo of her in the tub reminds me of the Fiona Apple Criminal Video.  

Featuring: Lauren
Monday February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day everyone.  What better way to celebrate then with Aria and Heather making out on the warm sand in Hawaii.  Such a very sexy set of these amazing women.  Check out the whole thing.  

Featuring: Heather V, Aria
Friday February 11, 2011

This is such a fun set of Justene, She starts in a gold bikini and ends naked with her feet in your face.  Check out the whole thing to see every sexy piece of of her. Very fun bed set.  

Featuring: Justene
Thursday February 10, 2011

Athena is so sexy when she is biting on her panties.  Don't you want to bite her panties too?

Featuring: Athena
Wednesday February 9, 2011

Three naked ladies outside with only pumps on in one video?!?!?! Well Justine, Marlo and Darenzia make it happen.  You know you want to watch them touch each other in this video.  

Featuring: Marlo, Justine, Darenzia
Tuesday February 8, 2011

I love all these photos of Jenna and Masuimi together.  Wait to you see the rest of the sets.  They look so sexy and fun together.  Don't you wish you were that palm tree looking in?

Featuring: Masuimi, Jenna
Monday February 7, 2011

This set is simple and sexy, Angela does it right.  She wears boy shorts held up by suspenders, silver thigh highs and black toe shoes.  Against a white wall on a black step ladder sounds simple, but she makes it more then interesting she makes you want to go out and buy a step ladder.  Check the whole sexy set out.  

Featuring: Angela
Friday February 4, 2011

These two girls look so amazing together.  The dark hair on Marlo and the red hair on Crash with these big see thru panties what a great pair.  Plus the chemistry is perfect. The whole set is great, check it out. 

Featuring: Marlo, Crash
Thursday February 3, 2011

I love shooting with the beautiful Mandy.  This photo looks like a painting to me.  And you can check out all her nerdy toys. 

Featuring: Mandy
Wednesday February 2, 2011

More amazing BTS from our fun over the summer upstate trip.  This one with Darenzia which she wore latex.  We had to shoot under the porches roof, as it started raining.  But Darenzia still made it sexy and fun.  Plus the latex was so hot slippery and wet. 

Featuring: Darenzia
Tuesday February 1, 2011

These two are so sexy together. The control that Nyssa commands over Kendra is too hot

Featuring: Nyssa, Kendra