Thursday October 31, 2013

I couple years ago I posted this set of Charlotte and Marlo in nothing but a mask and bunny ears for Halloween.  So look at that set again HERE and have fun with dressing up for Halloween.  

Featuring: Marlo, Charlotte
Wednesday October 30, 2013

You have seen the hot set of Nasty outside in point toe shoes HERE.  Now watch the behind the scenes video from that shoot.  And if you want to see Nasty in person come out to the Wasabassco Halloween show on Halloween night, info HERE.  

Featuring: Nasty
Tuesday October 29, 2013

I shot this set of Ryan back in 2009 and it was a special Marie Antoinette inspired dress up set.  If you haven\'t seen it in a while, check it out again HERE. Halloween is all about sexy dress up.  

Featuring: Ryan
Monday October 28, 2013

Last year when I was in LA and staying with Jelena she still had all her super awesome Halloween decorations up around her place. So of course when Lily came over to shoot with us I said we had to do a Goth Vampire inspired shoot.  This set is awesome, 30 photos of them fang banging it out.  So sexy and fun.  A must see!!!

Featuring: Lily, Jelena
Friday October 25, 2013

I have shot so many sets with Ashley in the past few years, its been awesome.  This set was shot at Ryan Cohns apt with a vintage looking red girdle and black stocking. Its a super sexy set, check it out. 

Featuring: Ashley
Thursday October 24, 2013

One of my first shoots with a naked lady model was Courtney.  She was great to shoot with, sexy, curvy and classic. Check out all the old sets I shot with her HERE.  

Featuring: Courtney
Wednesday October 23, 2013

You have checked out the SET of Nova with all these creepy skulls and you may have even seen the SFW BTS video from this shoot on Karmaloop tv.   Now you get to watch the NSFW behind the scenes video here. Super sexy fun times.  

Featuring: Nova
Tuesday October 22, 2013

I got to shoot Angela once and got 3 very sexy and fun sets out of her, Plus BTS video. If you haven\'t seen these sets check them out again HERE. Or if you did see them check them out again.  Beautiful!

Featuring: Angela
Monday October 21, 2013

Here is one of my first sets with Gisella I shot years ago.  It is a great set where she mimics a piece of art and rolls around on this green couch.  Check it out. 

Featuring: Gisella
Friday October 18, 2013

This is a hauntingly sexy set of Arden.  If you don;t know who Arden is check out her site and books Here.  You love both her site as much as this set.  

Featuring: Arden
Thursday October 17, 2013

I got to shoot Joanna 2 different times and both times were a blast.  I got such amazing photos from working with her.  If you haven't seen them or want to check them and the bts videos again check them out HERE.  

Featuring: Joanna
Wednesday October 16, 2013

The very first time I met Evelyn she got naked for me with this solo set.  I knew I wanted to shoot with her more after this.  She is not just beautiful but always down for a great shoot.  Watch this behind the scenes video.  

Featuring: Evelyn
Tuesday October 15, 2013

I got to shoot with Asa twice when she was first starting out and I love every image I ever shot of her. I did Girl/Girl with Renee Perez and solo.  If you haven't looked at the Asa pics before or its been a while, check them out HERE.  

Featuring: Asa
Monday October 14, 2013

Shooting with Skin and Masuimi together made so much sense.  They are both sexy tattooed ladies that also have a classic pin up look.  They both brought fancy stocking to shoot in, so I stuck them in this doorway so they could play. Such a fun set. 

Featuring: Skin, Masuimi
Friday October 11, 2013

Its Home Coming around now and what better way to celebrate then with a naked Shay in a varsity sweater.  She takes everything off but this cozy sweater.  One very sexy set. 

Featuring: Shay
Thursday October 10, 2013

I got the pleasure of shooting Veronica one day and I have 3 awesome sets of her and 3 BTS videos.  Have you seen all of them?  You can check them out HERE.  

Featuring: Veronica
Wednesday October 9, 2013

Shooting with Rogizoid is always fun times. We did this awesome set in her family's very vintage looking living, now watch the behind the scenes video from that shoot.  

Featuring: Rogizoid
Tuesday October 8, 2013

I got to spend a very lovely day with Stoya shooting amazing photos.  She was the 100th model on the site and just a reminder that you can see the photos again and watch the BTS video HERE.  Fun Times!

Featuring: Stoya
Monday October 7, 2013

I got to shoot with Marlo and Athena at Stockroom and I saw this big cargo box. Of course I put them in there instead of using the kinky toys around the studio.  Its such a fun set, I even made a cute Vine of it.  But to really see the pics you must see them here.  

Featuring: Marlo, Athena
Friday October 4, 2013

This was the very first set I eve shot of Alexis, super sexy and flirty.  She has on very pretty lingerie that she takes off to show you all of her.  Check it out.  

Featuring: Alexis
Thursday October 3, 2013

I had one great shoot day with Jenna a couple years back.  I shot her solo and with Masuimi Max.  Check out all the sets again HERE.  

Featuring: Jenna
Wednesday October 2, 2013

You have seen my first set with Amanda HERE.  Now watch the behind the scenes video from our shoot together.  

Featuring: Amanda
Tuesday October 1, 2013

What more do you need then a naked lady outside with a crop?  Evelyn delivers all and more.  

Featuring: Evelyn