Monday October 15, 2018

Jelena is one hot lady and I love this set.  She wears a super tight leopard dress and takes it off. 

Featuring: Jelena
Friday October 12, 2018

Marlo and Crash were so fun to shoot together, and I love this set. There is something very quite and sexy about it. Enjoy it. 

Featuring: Crash, Marlo
Monday October 8, 2018

This is such a magical set of Nicole, I love it.  I got to shoot her in this room that was floor to ceiling wood paneling.  It had all these nooks and this box was one of them.  I love working with Nicole too.

Featuring: Nicole
Friday October 5, 2018

I love shooting in Hammocks and Shay is always fun to work with. Its so sunny and beautiful in this set in LA.

Featuring: Shay
Tuesday October 2, 2018

One last teaser of Mystere, Luxe and Daddy from our amazing shoot.  More to come!!

Featuring: Daddy, Luxe, Mystere
Monday October 1, 2018

You have to love a hot lady in leather chaps and Stormy wears them so well. Your perfect nude cowgirl for all your fantasies. 

Featuring: Stormy
Friday September 28, 2018

I love this set of Ryan, and shot it while they were shooting me for my web series The Stagg Party Its such a sexy classic set. 

Featuring: Ryan
Thursday September 27, 2018

How hot are these ladies!?!?!? Mystere, Luxe and Daddy were so much fun to shoot together.  This is just a taste of super sexy stuff to come.

Featuring: Daddy, Luxe, Mystere
Tuesday September 25, 2018

Luxe and Mystere wanted to shoot again and brought their friend Daddy. And we had so much fun making amazing photos.  I can't wait to retouch all these for you.  Some teasers to come.

Featuring: Daddy, Luxe, Mystere
Monday September 24, 2018

Shooting at the beach in California seems so obvious, but also so classic and fun. Donna is way too hot for this Malibu sun, but I think you can handle it. 

Featuring: Donna